3 Top Tips For A Successful Promotional Gifts Campaign

So, you’re looking to run a promotional campaign, and promotional gifts are looking to be one of the strongest ways to do so, but how do you go about it? There can be many pitfalls to avoid when launching a new venture into promotional campaigns, but there are equally as many ways to contribute to the success of one. Here are 3 top tips for your promotional gifts campaign.

Branding & Theme:

It is necessary, as with any other form of business campaign, to always maintain brand theme. An effective way of doing so is keeping logos and colours consistent, as it makes the business more recognisable quicker. It is advised supply products with the full brand colour theme, for instance a red and black brand theme would mean that if a branded mug was released, the whole mug would be black and red, rather than a white mug being branded with a black and red logo.

With perhaps more bespoke items, a business clothing line or “merch” can be brilliant for getting a good representation of a brand out there. This way certain clothing items can be affiliated with a business; a business with a trendy image may decide to bring out a line of snapbacks, tees, and backpacks for the upcoming summer. For a clearer idea on branded items, check out Stitch Embroidery UK to discover a wide range of products.


Social media is a huge aspect in modern life, and trending topics often have a snowball effect, with leading social media networks having 1.87 Billion monthly users, and 313 Million apiece, social media integration is key to success. Hashtags are good ways of branding promotional gifts, especially if interaction with the recipient and social media is encouraged.

Trending hashtags are often displayed in social media, so if products can generate enough interest in a short amount of time, there can be another cause for a snowball effect.

Another effective way of getting a brand name out there is QR Codes, as it requires interaction from consumers to perform a wide variety of functions, check out this article by DonCrowther to see a wider variety of functions that can be performed via QR Code.

QR Codes can be used to perform functions unique to certain businesses, or have applications handy to all businesses.

Quality & Cost:

It is important to invest wisely and choose the items carefully that you want branded. Many businesses opt for lots of cheaper branded items, to be able to show their brand off to a wider audience, but sometimes bespoke items that are suitable for everyday use can enable them to be used more frequently, and get your company name out there. Office stationary, keychains, and mugs are common and effective promotional gifts, but an increasing amount of businesses branch out into branded clothing, useful bags and other items that can be used in everyday situations. It is essential to ensure that the quality of the gifts are up to standard, as a high quality investment will speak for the brand as well.

(Often the audience for some promotional gifts can be internal, as then employees using branded items are walking advertisements!)

What promotional gifts have you invested in? What worked for you? Promotional gifts are a brilliant way to expand and branch out, enjoy getting your name out there!

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