3 Video Marketing Methods That Every Business Owner Should Be Using


Video marketing is all the rage in 2017. More and more marketers are moving towards video, because of the power it has to convince people and get their full attention. Here are three highly effective ways of using videos in your marketing campaigns.

Live and Automated Webinars

Live webinars are really effective. When you’re watching a presentation live together with hundreds of other people, there is a certain effect that causes you to pay closer attention to the what is being said. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that there isn’t any “rewind” button for live webinars.

But the most effective part of live webinars is the ability to create a sense of urgency by giving out a limited-time offer. For example, you can create a discount offer for a product, which will expire at the end of the webinar. You can also use follow-up emails to promote a limited time offer.

However, webinars don’t have to be actually “live” to be effective. As long as they appear to be live, you will have the same effect. This is where automated webinars come into play.

Automated webinars are really just webinar replays. However, users sign up to this webinar replay via a landing page, which has preset times — which can change each day — where the webinar will “be presented.” You can create a “limited-time offer,” and it will be just as effective as if the webinar was actually live. Follow up emails can be automated as well. If you have a large audience watching the webinar replay, then a visitor stat counter will really add to the “live” feeling. If there is a live chat Q&A, you can hire someone to answer the questions live.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is being used by brands all around the world, and even by the White House and the President. It’s a great way to connect with your customers or followers, especially if your customer base is mostly comprised of younger people. The magic part about this is that Facebook will notify your followers that you are live when it happens, which will bring you more exposure. You should also send out an email and post about it on your social channels before it happens, so that you get more viewers.–

Snapchat Video

Snapchat is another platform that is highly popular among millennials. It has millions of users, so it’s worth paying attention to. Snapchat videos are only 10 seconds long, so choose what you show carefully. Here are several ideas: A coupon that is exclusive to your Snapchat audience, an inside peek into a new product that is coming out soon, or an inside look into your company.

Snapchat does allow you to create “stories,” which are basically series of 10 second videos. A smart way to take advantage of this is by including a coupon in the last video. This will entice users to watch through the entire thing. Another way to use stories is by introducing a new product, with a new product feature in each video.

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