5 Best Ways to Promote Your New Business Online on a Budget

Building a new business from scratch is a massive undertaking. After launching your small business, you now need to focus on promoting it. Unfortunately, new enterprises don’t get famous all by their own. Those popular brands and companies you know spend a good chunk of their funds towards marketing and advertising. But fortunately, there are tons of online marketing strategies that you can implement to gain traction for your enterprise, get the word out there and win new customers.

Here are the five best ways to promote your new business even with a shoestring budget.

Email Marketing

Ask any online marketing Houston expert about the fundamentals of online promotion and you’ll get email marketing as a universal answer. Email marketing allows you to speak directly about your business from the confines of the recipient’s inbox, making the experience more targeted and personalized. You can send a variety of content, from industry news, insider tips, useful tips, and infographics that help breed engagement and increase conversion.

Leverage Social Media

Social media offers the advantage for promotion with zero to minimal spending. You can create your business’ own Facebook or Twitter handle and cross-promote content with your website content. Social media is an excellent platform for marketing because of its ability to go viral among followers of your followers. A mere click on the “like,” or “share” button gives your business a broader reach. Make sure to update your social media content consistently and engage with your network to increase traffic.


Blogging is another great way to increase exposure and promote engagement with your business. Blogging on your website or other people’s website can help you get the word out about your business and how this can benefit others. While it may take time to establish the positive effects of blogging, it’s also a low-cost way for promotion. Also consider promoting your blogs in other platforms, such as in email and social media marketing to maximize the promotional impact and establish authority and credibility in your niche or industry.

Visual Content

Visual content can help foster engagement and pique the interest of soon-to-be customers. Infographics, tutorials, and slideshows can work as standalone promotional tools or enhance your written content.

Search Engine Optimization

Competing businesses vie for the top results in search engines, and if you’re not implementing SEO on your content, you’re going to get lagged behind. SEO is a set of interrelated techniques that aim to push your content high up in search engine results. With excellent SEO techniques, you can improve exposure to your business, reach out to a more targeted set of audience and increase traffic at no to little cost.


We now live and thrive in a world where the internet has become an integral part of our daily existence. A brand new business needs exposure to gain the attention of potential customers, and online marketing helps you achieve that goal. Implement the basics and follow the trends of online marketing, and soon enough your business should take off and starts to roll in sales.

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