5 Los Angeles Video Production Trends In Digital Marketing Trends

A huge part of playing the marketing game is staying ahead of the competition, and that can usually only be done by staying on top of the current trends. With technology constantly evolving and reshaping the standards of everyday living, it can be hard to predict what will win the market over and what may potentially end up a complete waste of time. Los Angeles video production has proven itself a timeless source forgreat marketing content, but even the best videos can feel old and tired when run through the same old formula or overused campaign.

In this article, we look at the 5 trends in digital marketing that may redefine the way videos are conceptualized, produced, anddistributed this 2017.


If the emergence of Facebook live wasn’t indication enough, the rise of social media platforms that focus solely on live streaming—such as Periscope, Twitch, and Snapchat, to name a few—is indicative that live video may be a video trend that is here to stay. People have capitalized on the fact that they immediate access to a decent camera via their smartphone, and in doing so they have created perhaps the most personal video format. Live videos give viewers a sense of experiencing and witnessing exactly what the video’s subject is going through in real-time, and that shared connection evokes powerful emotions.


According to Crews Control, Snpachat has taken the fleetingness of digital content to the next level. With pictures and videos only available for a limited number of seconds, Snapchatters are “forced” to pay attention to what’s on their screen. Knowing that the content will disappear after a while creates a sense of urgency in people to watch it now—kind of like the limited-time, “buy now!” offers on old infomercials that were proven time and again.


VR has made a breakthrough towards the fourth quarter of 2016, and it looks like it’s still going strong in Q1 of 2017.To build excitement, many companies are releasing beta versions of Virtual Reality tools for people to try out. Most notable would be Google’s team-up with The Try Guys from media company Buzzfeed to test out Tilt Brush—a fully-interactive painting program that allows participants to paint in 3D. If the level of enthusiasm during reception is any indication, 2017 may be the year fully-interactive videos like 360 videos become the norm.


According to Crews Control, experts believe that mobile marketing and mobile ads may be the quickest growing “digital advertising segment” in the next five years or so. Given that 70% more web pages are browsed on tablets and that mobile searcheshave increased by 200% year over year since 2012, it’s safe to say that mobile is indeed an avenue poised for massive growth. Companies have started optimizing their video for mobile playback and deliverability—a trend which is sure to continue through 2017 and beyond.


One of the reasons animation may be a rising trend as far as video production is concerned is because animation is, according to Business 2 Community, a “terrific option for start-ups and organizations that do not have a visual experience to share.” It’s also much easier and relatively cheaper, as animation cuts out a lot of the human talent needed (i.e., actors, cameramen, lighting team, etc.). For new businesses that don’t have a lot of budget yet for marketing/advertising campaigns, animated explainer videos are the best—and most cost-effective—products Los Angeles video production companies can offer.

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