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5 Ways to Make the Most out of a Trade Show

Advertising your product or service at a trade show can work wonders for a business looking to boost their sales. For the uninitiated, trade shows are events where companies setup booths and areas to demonstrate to guests why your product or service is the best. Whether they are industry specific or generic, they can pull in a very large number of attendees sometimes reaching into the tens of thousands! What is great about the attendees is that they are coming because they want service like yourself so you don’t need to worry about reaching the wrong people. Going to the event isn’t the only step in growing business though. You need to make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity to reach the maximum amount of prospects you can. Here are 5 steps that can be taken in order to maximise the effectiveness of any trade fairs you may be attending

  1. Be Out-going

A lot of people won’t take the first step at these kind of events. Whether that be because of general shyness or because they are interested but not enough to where they will approach and inquire. This is where you have to make your first move. Walk up to them, with a smile and a friendly greeting, and ask them whether they are interested in your service. If yes invite them over and begin your pitch. You may be surprised by how often this may work and by how much this will truly help your business.

  1. Not All Business

When you are talking to your prospects, in order to get them intrigued, chatty, comfortable and more likely to remember you, it is best to talk friendly about something different from your business as an ice breaker. This is a great method of marketing your brand as it gets your prospects actively listening to you and when you move on to selling your stuff and will be more likely to remember you. You can do this by talking about something they are wearing, something about the hall you are in or asking something about them.

  1. Samples or Demos

If you sell a product, one of the best ways to get people interested in it is to offer a small amount of it to your prospect. Whether that be giving your customer a one of your products or letting them try out your product for a short amount of time. This method of advertising works similarly to chocolate or sweets. Sweets and chocolate are always small so you want more. I’ve opened many packets saying “I’ll only have a couple” and end up with an empty packet. The same applies with samples given to customers as they will want to get their hands on more. Giving them a demo of how something works can be very instrumental to a purchase as if customers are unsure they may not want to risk the purchase.

  1. Be Bright and Colourful

Part of a trade show is grabbing the attention of the people as if you don’t stand out and look appealing people won’t approach your booth and won’t be enticed to purchase your produce. This is why it pays to spend more for the bigger booths that are by the entrance or in the middle of the hall. The goal is to attract people to come over and inquire and if other companies appear more welcoming they are more likely to go to them over you.

  1. Promotional Products

One of the most successful ways of driving conversations and eventually business is promotional merchandise. Having a branded item that a customer is welcome to take not only incentivises them to approach and talk to you about your service but also will work as a reminder in the future of your service. For example, having a bowl of promotional pens in your booth would encourage people to come in and have a look and after the day whenever they see the pen or use the pen to write down notes they will remember your brand and are more likely to use you in the future. Not only that but getting free stuff from anyone raises your opinion of them and they are likely to have a very positive impression of your brand.

Well here are a few ideas that you may want to put into practice when you attend your next trade fair as they would all help in getting customers talking, get customers purchasing and reminding them of your brand in the future.

My name is Wesley Tatterton and I am the Digital Marketer and Web Developer for the company Promo Parrot. I handle a lot of the website maintenance for the company as well as promoting the site across the web. I use various methods to do this like posting to social media and writing blog posts like this one! Hope you’ve enjoyed…

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