6 Android Apps to Make Video Calls on Your Telephone or Tablet

Do you have an Android phone or tablet and would like to make video calls, much like with FaceTime on iOS?

Here are some suggestions of Android apps that will allow you to do so. Please note that it is possible that either of these applications will not work on your device for hardware compatibility (Web camera) or software (Android version under which your device is running).

1. ezTalks Meetings

If you want to make video callswith others on your Android phone, try ezTalks Meetings. This is one of easy-to-use video conferencing Android apps that allows you to call one people or up to 100 people simultaneously. In addition to video call, it also supports instant messaging functions, so that you can also express yourself better by texting messages during the conversations.

2. Skype

The application that everyone knows, Skype now allows video calls on most devices and this, completely free, between Skype users. Calls work obviously between all platforms (Android to iOS or PC and vice versa), with or without video, in addition to allowing the chat (or chat).

If you want to call a land number, the video option will not be available and fees will apply (Skype will take you to a page to add funds if you have not already placed it in your account).

3. Google Hangouts

As one of the best Skype alternatives, this Google service works just as well from the Android app “Hangouts” (included with all devices running Android 2.3 or later) and from the Gmail site. Calls are free and can be made with or without video, or simply as text (chat).

Note that this is not Google Voice, a phone service available only in the US that I will be discussing very soon, but a service that competes directly with Skype. This service was once called “Google Talk”.Also available as a Windows application or extension for the Google Chrome browser.

4. Vtok

Application available in beta on Android, but in final version under iOS. Vtok allows conversations via Google Talk between Android devices, iOS and PC. The user logs in via his Gmail account (username and password) and calls his Gmail contacts as well.

Small defect noticed: if the recipient has more than one Android device associated with his Gmail account, the caller will be offered to call on “Android (1)” or “Android (2)”, without further description, is impractical.

5. ooVoo

An application allowing you to chat, talk and make video calls up to 6 participants (12 with the paid version). Also available for iOS, Mac and Windows.

It is also possible to save video messages to send them via email or share them on social networks.

6. fring

fring (with a tiny “f”) is the perfect application for video calls. It is also compatible with Google Talk and a host of instant messaging software (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and others).

fring is one of the simplest applications to use (and where I found most of my current contacts).


There are many others like Tango (PC, Android, iOS and Windows Phone) or ForFone (Android and iOS), which also offer instant messaging, VoIP calls or other services. It’s up to you to test a few and find the one that suits you best. You will then have to convince your contacts to use the same application as you.

Feel free to suggest other applications that allow video calls if you know of them that work well.

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