A Brief Introduction to Key Account Management Technology

The KAM Technology involves selecting key accounts, developing a strategy, creating key accounts managers, managing the relationships and measure results. Key account management is not a hidden business process. It is an element of the business strategy.

KAM Technology system maintains guest and Travelers accounts in step-by-step representation it offers a methodical way of categorizing the accounts in marketing and contracts types.

It also provides a work flow for in divisional account processing and preferred destination. Account details, mangers, contacts, local and global rates and some other information that is maintained in the application.

The plans for individual’s key accounts should be cooperated into this process. The development and use of technology in dealing with corporate accounts have a big effect on KAMs work.

In corporate sector technology can add value to customers and KAM role may require high degree of involvement. In development implementation a strategic approach to the way that technology is used.

Technology helps to take KAM beyond the sales force.

KAM always have a relationship and these relationships can be greatly have a right technology.

KAM approaches benefit from the use of technology, social media and other platforms which have the great impact on the efficiency and effectiveness.

KAM Technology requires commitment at both organizational and operational level, for exceptional results, companies need to have great relations with top account and that is possible only with management process.

KAM technology delivers business impact on the most valuable clients. KAM technology provides great opportunity to increase revenue by helping to buy the capability of client.

KAM Technology helps in reducing the sales cycle by providing a clear picture of every member at clients end with the key account management technology, account managers are able to focus on planned activities only. It is highly recommended to choose the system as your company’s requirements. It can improve the productivity of overall company.

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