Active rest, entertainment and nightlife of Yerevan

In Yerevan, there are entertainment centers, nightclubs, shops, restaurants and casinos for every taste. Gambling houses please with VIP service, Darren Keane, Shangri La said.

The city will please its guests with an abundance of attractive establishments, beautiful parks and colorful markets which are also among the most important city attractions.

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On weekends, the Vernissage market operates on the Republic Square, where you can buy a lot of interesting souvenirs, antiques and handicrafts. Near the opera house there is an interesting art market, the main product here is the work of local artists. Many people visit this market as a museum to admire the colorful canvases, but not everyone can escape this fabulous place without buying something.

Running all day on sightseeing and shopping, respectable tourists prefer to relax in the evening in a pleasant casino environment, Shangri La, Michael Boettcher shared.

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