An eco friendly option for displaying the information

The tradition way of disseminating information to many people was to stick the notice on the notice board kept at the place which experience heavy traffic. So that the notification is visible to the every passerby and the information gets communicated without contacting everyone individually. This concept of disseminating information is popular in the present time also even when there are lots of mediums to circulate the notice. It is the reliable and the handy way to disseminate the information. In the schools, colleges and offices, the public notices are displayed on the notice boards only. To display the notice, there is a need of notice boards.

Replace the fabric notice board

Traditional fabric notice board is the most popular option of displaying the notices. On this type of board, the notices or the circulars are attached with the help of thumb pins. However, it has restrictions that every time you need to make editing in the notice or replace the existing notice with the new one,   the older notice paper has to be removed. New notice shall be printed on the new sheet of paper and stuck again with thumb pin. This causes paper wastage.

No more paper wastage

Dry wipe board is an eco friendly type of notice board which is made up of the material on which you can rewrite. On this type of notice board you can write the notices and wipe it whenever you need to make the changes. Whiteboard markers can be used for writing on this type of notice board.

Different models of whitebeard

Whiteboards are available in different models like wall hung whiteboard and free standing whiteboard. If you need to have the fixed notice board then first type of white board is suitable otherwise whiteboard with free stands are best to purchase. Whiteboards are available in various sizes and

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