Benefits to Using a Digital Signage Player over a Laptop

Digital signage has gained much ground in the recent past and is quickly replacing the use of PCs in digital content display and management systems. The rise of digital signage in the market has been attributed to the fact that it is no longer expensive as it used to be or restricted to the large corporations. It is accessible today by everyone in the fields of marketing, design, IT and PR.

Cloud-based signage systems have contributed significantly to the changing face of digital display systems. Today, you just need a television, consumer-grade hardware such as a media player and an app to get your cutting edge digital signage display in operation. Therefore, in this post, we will help you realize the benefits of using the digital signage player over a laptop or a PC.


Unlike the laptops, digital signage players are dedicated to displaying your information cheaply and at the best quality. It is cheaper since it can go for as little as $49 when laptops are worth more than that by a wide margin. Therefore, as far as disbursement of information is concerned, they are low cost.


When considering the case of massive city digital displays, laptops can be rather non-portable since it would require a lot of logistics to be positioned to run the digital signage software. It is even much riskier to attach your laptop to the digital signage out in the open. However, with a digital signage player, all you must do is to plug it in at the back of the digital signage, and the display will commence. That is possible due to their small size and portability attributes.


The sole purpose of a digital signage player is to deliver content for display which they do just right in the most convenient way. Once you acquire one, you just have to plug it in and forget about it. EnPlug, for instance, is a digital signage software that is dedicated to power display into a more engaging, vibrant and efficient delivery.

When using a laptop, on the other hand, you are faced with having to buy a complimentary HDMI converter. Besides that, you will also have the task of starting the application manually by launching the digital signage software application. At the same time, if there are errors, you must reboot the application manually, and that is rather inconveniencing.

Management of the Digital Signage Remotely

These devices can be monitored and managed remotely. In the case of errors, which are usually rare, the digital signage can be detected by the device on your end. However, in most cases, the digital signage player is programmed to restart in just a few seconds automatically. That way you will be back in business without having to intervene.

When using a laptop, you will be tasked with logging into the desktop manually to boot the PC, a process that is rather painstaking.

Digital signage displays also come with additional benefits of automatic updates, power on and off scheduling and network monitoring. It does almost all the work that you could have done when using the desktop hence leaving you with an opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business.

Most of the TVs today are being designed to support the digital signage display systems. That has made the disbursement of information much easier in places such as schools, hospitals and even in personal holdings. You can just acquire the digital signage device, a reliable software and your digital display will be up and running in no time. One single device will be able to serve several screens conveniently through a secure network.

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