Blackburn & Green –Trucking Accident Attorney

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles make up a large portion of traffic throughout major roadways. Due to the weight, size, and potentially hazardous material onboard these vehicles, the injuries may be severe and fatalities are also more likely during trucking accidents. Blackburn and Green are experienced in trucking accident cases and offer personalized representation to victims and the families of these accidents.

It is important to properly review a truck-related accident scene asto obtain proper holds on the vehicles involved in the accident to ensure that any evidence is not destroyed or lost, and it also helps in recreating the accident by working directly with a reconstruction specialist to determine the cause of the accident and determine parties responsible for the accident. Blackburn&Green has vast experience in investigating truck-related accidents on behalf of the accident victims.

Trucking accidents are quite different from any other personal injury cases or accident claims as theinsurance policies for semi-trucks involves alarge investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars which leads to the trucking companies and their insurance carrier tryingto aggressively defend these cases and attempt to minimize their liabilities.

Post any trucking accident, a team is often dispatched to the accident scene to build a case in its defence which might often go against the accident victim. Accident victims are rarely aware of laws related totrucking-related accidents or trucking related insurance policies, and often are unaware of their rights and duties, and often assume that compensation offered by trucking companies and their insurance companies is fair. Blackburn & Green ensure that accident victims are fairly compensated and not provided a raw deal.

The most common trucking accident are due to human errors as involving themistakes made by the driver which may include but not limit to spilled loads, mechanical failure, excessive speeding, driving in unsafe weather conditions, failing to locate a driver in their blind spot, leaving insufficient space between themselves and your vehicle, or driving aggressively a they are under constant pressure to meet aggressive deadlines and such tight schedules and working conditionsmight encourage a trucker to speed or to skip out on required sleep.

Blackburn & Green assist accident victims and their families to gather crucial evidence in such cases involves to determine whether the appropriate licenses were obtained to operate the semi-truck, determining who was eligible to drive it, verifying the kinds of records the trucker had to keep during their travel, identifying the weight restrictions and the weight of the truck at the time of the accident and more to build a strong case on behalf of the victim to ensure they are compensated fairly and adequately.

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