Can we trust Sopharma Clen

Among number of fat burning supplements available today, Clenbuterol is very powerful and popular.  It is available in many variations and forms today from number of manufacturers. One among these popular brands is Clenbuterol Sopharma. This is also known as Clenbuterol hydrochloride or Sopharma Clen. This brand has become really popular today. Even with its popularity, there are users who still have dilemma that is it fake or real.

Results of Sopharma Clen:

Clenbuterol is originally designed for treating many breathing disorders like asthma. In recent years it has been used and became popular as a fat burner. This is because Clen has the capacity to enhance metabolic rate significantly. That is why people started using it as weight loss accelerator and weight cutting agent.

Sopharma Clen is released by a manufacturer who is from Bulgaria. This manufacturer is well known for releasing quality products and they are trustworthy. The products from this manufacturer has become popular among weight loss enthusiasts and among bodybuilders.

One problem here is since this brand has become very popular many underground manufacturers have started producing the fake version of Sopharma Clen. Today it has become very difficult to identify the authenticated Sopharma Clen among these products.

The original manufacturer is not selling the product online. Since there are restrictions on importing the products from Bulgaria to United States, it is very difficult to get the original product. Thing is it is legal to own Clenbuterol in US. But its use by human is already banned. So sellng and buying for human use is illegal here.

Since the product by Sopharma is only for human use when the product is imported there are chances that it may get stuck at customs. The label instructions will easily reveal that product is form human use and in that case the product may easily get confiscated.

How to buy?

There are 2 ways through which one can buy authenticated Sopharma products. One way is an individual can purchase the product from the original manufacturer and get the product through some alternative ways to United States. This will be the best way to get the genuine product.

After buying the product from the original manufacturer if one chooses to ship the product it will cost more. One more thing is along with this there is no guarantee to receive the product due to customs. Stay away from substandard products.

Second way is to purchase the product from pharmacies which are located in India or Mexico. Either selling or importing from these countries is not illegal and since there are no strict rules on custom, importing becomes easy compared to importing from Bulgaria.

But when a user chooses to import from these countries, it is not easy to decide the authenticity of the product.

Side Effects:

When it comes to side effects of Sopharma Clen, it is similar to any other brand of Clen. In short term it is very rare to experience severe negative effects. But if used for long term, serious effects are guaranteed.

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