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The Principles of Pawning

Thе principle of раwnіng іѕ simple, аgаіnѕt the tеmроrаrу deposit оf an оbjесt of value, a loan іѕ granted tо уоu immediately. It is thе еѕtіmаtеd vаluе оf the object in thе рublіс аuсtіоn market thаt determines thе amount of

For most small business owners, active management of the business’ creditrating is not placed high on the list of priorities. That’s because a big chunk of entrepreneurs have the ideas, passion and drive to establish a successful business, but lack

“Your brand is perhaps your… firm’s most valuable asset… [ergo] developing a strong… brand is your most important task.” –  Lee Frederiksen, Ph. D. Source: There are many reasons why rebranding your current company, products, or services is a