Commercial coffee machines: What to choose?

Coffee machines are a common site in office kitchens across the country. Little cups of black gold help workers power through their day. In hospitality, coffee machines not only serve the workforce but are an integral part of the service provided. An investment in a premium coffee machine can be a sound investment that gives a professional appearance to the business whilst serving large amounts of high-quality coffee. The significant cost associated with the direct purchase of a commercial coffee machine can be negated through leasing the machine. Monthly payments are easier on your business’ cash flow and are also tax deductible. Combined with service plans from the manufacturer, leasing a coffee machine can be an attractive option for any business. To find out more about commercial coffee machine leases check out Bibium, one of the UK’s leading experts. If you make the decision to lease or purchase a commercial coffee machine, you must make the decision between a bean to cup, espresso, or filter coffee machine.

Filter Coffee Machine

Filter coffee machines are crowd pleasers, providing ample amounts of fresh black coffee in an instant. Perfect for outdoor events with no water supply, these machines are superbly energy efficient with low associated costs and simple setup. The simplicity of filter coffee machines that provides them with their unique advantages conversely also brings about their one downside. They’re unable to produce anything other than black coffee, meaning that everyone’s favourite mocha or latte macchiato will have to be bought from a barista.

Espresso Coffee Machine

Espresso coffee machines are the industry standard – seen in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and any hospitality establishment. Extremely flexible, espresso coffee machines offer the barista the opportunity to create a myriad of coffees in rapid succession. Espresso coffee machines are less suitable for office spaces or any situation where there is not a full-time trained barista. This makes them flexible in terms of coffee production but less flexible for location and establishment.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to cup coffee machines are the perfect in-between of espresso coffee machines and filter coffee machines. Utilising modern advancements in coffee production, coupled with bean grinders to provide the freshest high-quality coffee allows bean to cup coffee machines to provide a decent selection of speciality coffees. Simple to use and no barista required, this is an excellent option for office kitchens or any establishment that does not have the luxury of having a trained barista at their service.

Which to choose?

Now you have read about the three options of commercial coffee machines, you can decide about what suits your business best. Weigh up the pros and cons of the coffee machines and the option of purchasing or leasing. Commercial coffee machines are a perfect way of improving the workspace environment or offering an improved service to your clients.

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