Comprehensive vs. Collision Car Insurance: What’s The Difference

When looking at car insurance for PA drivers, you might be wondering what you should be getting. One of the main choices that you’ll be facing is whether to get comprehensive car insurance PA or just collision car insurance. A lot of people are offered this when they buy a car and they often get confused on which to pick. Here’s a simple guide to ensure that you know what option you are choosing.

What Collision Car Insurance Covers?

Collision car insurance PA is exactly what it sounds like: it is insurance if your car crashes into a car or a fixed object. That may sound narrowly-defined but you’ll be surprised how much that actually covers. It actually covers a majority of accidents and car crashes.

Some of the incidents that collision care insurance covers include:

Crashing into a ditch or a tree

Hit-and-run accidents

Your car flips over

You hit a car or another car hits you

That covers most of the accidents you might possibly get into. The main feature of collision car insurance is that you can file a claim and get reimbursed no matter whose fault it is. This speeds up the claim process because the insurance company doesn’t have to worry about whose fault it is and just pays out. For collision car insurance, you’ll be directly dealing with your insurance company so that also makes things easier. Your insurance also covers any car that your drive – even rentals.

Most of the time though, you can only get collision car insurance when mixed in with other insurance packages like liability insurance, which protects you from damage that you cause to other people. Plus, it can get really expensive though.

What Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers?

Next, comprehensive car insurance PA is the sort insurance that will cover only your car but it will handle all the other bad things that can possibly happen to your vehicle. This includes “act of god” or other incidents that might happen to it while it is on the road or parked.

A stolen car can be covered by comprehensive car insurance, even vandalism. Rocks and falling objects can also be covered by the package. The only collision that this particular package covers is if you hit an animal while driving.

Which Is For You?

So here’s the deal. It would be good to actually have both of them. It’s actually recommended if you lease or finance a car, it is less than 10 years old, and it has a price tag of more than $3,000. This is usually because your car is still high in value.

However, insurance can be expensive. If you are limited in your choices, you may end up choosing between the two. Weigh your options carefully. Collision car insurance can pay out more than comprehensive car insurance, mostly because it is for collision and crashes. On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance can protect you from more dangers – just not crashes.

Decide on which one you think will offer you better value. Not all car insurance PA coverages are equal. Let Miller Carlisle Insurance Services help you make an informed decision. Contact us today!

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