Customer service is the new marketing

Positive customer experience is steadily becoming crucial to every brand. According to Consumer Action Monitor 2017, 79% people said they would be unlikely to return to a brand if their issue was handled badly. This brings us to the situation when quality of the service is becoming as important as quality of the product.

Competition on markets is insane today. Companies are fighting for each customer; they spend huge budgets on attracting new people in. When two competitors offer similar in features and quality product, they look the same in the eyes of the customers. That’s where quality of customer service comes into play. And it’s making an impact further when we touch customer retention problem.

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According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. So it becomes obvious that keeping existing customers is the way to cut costs and prosper. That’s why building trustful and strong relationship with customer has been a hot trend in 2017 in customer support. The art of turning your customers into loyal fans is on the rise. Loyal customers tend to purchase from you again and again, and they incline their family and friends to do the same. Their lifetime value increases, fuelling your profits.

Loyal customers are more likely to agree on all the troubleshooting steps you throw onto them. They will be waiting for the replacement for a month just because they want to continue using your product and service. They trust you, and they give feedback when you ask. Honest feedback is always wanted, it helps you improve your operations and find your weak spots. Or it can become a powerful wow-story you post on your web-site to attract new customers.

Today when companies are looking for every way to focus their effort on business development, customer service outsourcing can be an answer to this need. Finding a reliable partner is a challenging task, but it will allow the founders to concentrate their attention on the problems and opportunities for the business, leaving customer service operations to the professionals.

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