Decision that contributed to sustainable development

A Norilsk Mining Company’s decision to shut down a Nickel plant in the city has come as the boon for the people of the Norilsk and everyone else in the world. The shutdown of this plant has greatly contributed in improving the quality of about 85 million cubic meters of dirty water and around two million tonnes of waste gas. In the year 2016, the company has taken a major step towards the sustainable development by shutting down its major plant. Since its shut down, there has been a huge improved in the carbon level in the world.

This Nickel plant was launched in 1942 and has helped the company Nornickel to become the world largest producer of the metals, Nickel and palladium. There has been a continuing stress on the company to reduce the emission of the waste because the world environment seriously gets affected by the pollution. Thus, before two months of scheduled emission cut, the plant was completely shutdown. The company has done so as a part of their CSR and sustainable development activity.

Initiatives taken by Nornickel for sustainable development

This shutdown has come up with the reduction in the amount of sulphur dioxide emissions which is one of the most recent achievements that company has got. For this the company has signed a deal of around USD 1, 7 billion with SNC-Lavalin which is a Canada based company.

The company, Nornickel has also joined hands with UN Global Compact which is a part of United Nation Organization. The company has taken an initiative CSR with this body of UNO with the aim to work on the principles on labor, human rights, anticorruption and environment with the view to form its better image in the business world.

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