Denver Wheelchair Van Transportation

The classification may be non-emergency in the strict senses.  But you need to need transportation of the patient to the next destination without any possible delay. And that journey should be the safest way possible. Denver Wheelchair Van Transportation company is fully equipped to take upon the in a most comprehensive way.

We, the Peak Medical Transport LLC is dedicated to making sure that your journey is comfortable to the core.  Our team of dedicated staff understands your need fully. We are undertaking your journey with all necessary tools and tackle. Our fleet of ambulances and wheelchair vans are fitted with essential, advanced life support, basic life support and specialty units as demanded by your requirements and criticality. We are one of the best non-emergency medical transportation companies.

Our reputation as the best non-emergency medical transportation is not built on sheer luck. That reputation is the result of tireless effort and planning. Over the years we,  have added each little details as well as gadgets so as to make sure you do not lack the vital need l that can be a short drive or a long haul but for Peak Medical Transport LLC, it is critical.

We are available on a 24×7 basis, all through the year. You are for a surprise when you contact us  and book a journey either online (, or over the phone {(1 (800) 215-5049 Office – (720) 316-3175}

You may need us to take you for Dialysis and Medical Appointments, Nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, Church Services, Private residences, School Events, Shopping, Airport or metro station. We are at home and make you at home as well. After all, we at Peak Medical Transport LLC have a reputation to keep. And at the same, we would make you smile. We are keen to keep the smile on your face all through.

So next time when you need a reliable non-medical transportation, please get in touch with us.

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