Dismissal for Just Cause

For the GWC Valve USA company, insubordination is something that does not occur often whatsoever due to the fact that the employees respect the rules and procedures set in place and have a high job satisfaction. Insubordination in any organization occurs due to the misconduct of an employee or employer which is the only ground for dismissal.

There are six different reasons for insubordination of an employee at various organizations and these include the following:

  1. Direct disregard of the boss’ authority: this means as an employee you are refusing to obey the boss’ reasonable requests and these requests must be in the job description of the employee.
  2. Deliberate disregard of the policies and procedures in place: this means if there is theft from the employee of the company’s assets or if the employee gives threats of violence which is against the company’s laws.
  3. Public criticism of the boss: meaning that as an employee, you are unable to be contradicting or arguing with him or her since they have authority over you and you should refer to the choice of command which is the organizational chart. An example of this is if you fire a salesperson after a presentation with a client because the salesperson said you as the boss actually messed up and it wasn’t them who did, as the boss you fire them but this doesn’t count since the salesperson and boss were discussing this over a few drinks at the airport. You can’t fire someone on a business trip just because you got angry at them, you need to consult the office first.
  4. Contemptuous display of disrespect towards coworkers or especially towards the boss.
  5. Disregard for the chain of command.
  6. Participation in or the leadership of an effort to undermine and remove the boss from power: meaning you cannot go around getting your coworkers to sign a petition in order to fire someone with way more authority than you because it will backfire and you will be the one getting fired.

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