DX Savings and DX Monitors

When you consult business to business consultants like Eagle Consultancy in Berkshire they will advise on effective measures to lessen expenditure and to maximise profits.

A frequently subscribed to option is to utilise the private DX mail network because DX savings can be substantial when compared to traditional mailing methods.

DX mail is Document Exchange and rather than using a full postal address the user is given an identification number so their address could be 123456 Reading.

This saves the user time and as all members within the DX mail directory have the same structure for their ID no postcode searches are required.

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Every user of DX is shown on an online directory which is accessible to members. It’s simple and efficient.

123456 Reading can send to 567890 Edinburgh and every person and the technology involved in mail processing and delivery is fully aware who and where these users are.

DX savings often reach 25% compared to using Royal Mail for all post and they’ve earned a reputation in their forty years of service for being reliable and trustworthy.

If you make a promise to someone that a contract will be with them by 9a.m. the next morning, it will be.

DX efficiency and savings are enjoyed by over 25000 customers, why not join them?

DX mail is for all business users, the network started in the legal sector but it has broadened substantially since internet shopping became dominant.

It’s as suitable for sole traders and it is for huge corporations.

The DX mail network has a mailbox facility which has over 4200 locations nationwide and delivery is by 9a.m. as standard.

Business to business advisers like Eagle Consultancy who seek to achieve cost savings for their clients regularly utilise DX monitors to allow a client to analyse their costs, savings, service delivery and per item costs.

The DX mail monitoring facilities are vital to ensure that your business is wholly in control and that figures accurately reflect usage.

The transparency of the service charges and the user friendly presentation of data and reporting tools make DX and DX mail monitoring a hugely attractive alternative to Royal Mail.

Whilst not everyone who you may trade with will be on the DX network this doesn’t mean that switching to DX for contacts that are members won’t provide welcome DX savings.

Even sending ten items through DX a day could offer significant DX savings, with no need to queue at the Post Office or worry that your service delivery promise won’t be met.

Business to business consultants find that clients who take advantage of DX mail monitoring feel as though they have a true measure of management and confidence with the network compared to traditional mail and that they would have no issue with shifting more of their post to DX if their contacts would subscribe to it too.

DX mail, DX mail monitoring and the DX savings vary from user to user but please investigate, you should be pleasantly surprised.

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