E-cigarettes, a style statement

Cigarette smoking has been a part of our society for many years. Very few actual addictive substances have gained as much popularity as nicotine. E-cigarettes are the new fashion trend, people who weren’t already smoking are starting to go down the same path but with e-cigarettes; but they weren’t designed to be a style statement. E-cigarettes were supposed to be a better form of smoking, a safer form of smoking. Most smokers use e-cigarette as a way to gently stop smoking altogether. The target should always be to stop nicotine addiction; e-cigarettes are just a way to help you get through in the meantime.

Why e-cigarettes are recommended

Cigarettes have been used for centuries as the popular medium for nicotine consumption. The problem is that along with nicotine there are a number of other impurities present in traditional cigarettes. Some of them are tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, arsenic and acetone. Most of these are very harmful and the others are straight up toxic. In the case of e liquid, at least the additional substances aren’t this toxic; a few of the important ones are propylene glycol, food-flavoring, nicotine and vegetables glycerin. This is why a typical e-cigarette is considered to be much less harmful than an old fashioned one. But this does not mean that e-cigarettes are good for your health, they are better than the normal ones but they still contain nicotine which makes them harmful enough, so it is advised that you stop using as soon as you can.

The risks of using e-cigarettes

The most important wealth you have is your health. So you should always consider that before you start smoking or something like that. E-cigarettes are a safer option than normal cigarettes but that doesn’t make them good. One of the key ingredients of eliquids is propylene glycol; this substance is known for its ability of trapping water. This causes dehydration in the user’s body soon after a smoke. Also, some people develop adverse reactions due to this substance. One easy remedy is to opt for vegetable glycerin based e-cigarettes. But even if every other ingredient suits you, nicotine itself is a very harmful substance and you should try and avoid it as much as possible.

The battery related problems

All equipments which use a battery to power itself is subject to the drawbacks of the battery itself. In this case also, there are some such drawbacks. Many people have reported that their e-cigarettes had exploded when it was vaporizing the eliquid. While most of those claims have not been verified, there are some which are true. This is a very rare problem and hopefully it’ll be fixed in the future.

The buying tips you need

Since there is no governing body of these e-cigarette companies, neither is there any rules or regulations on the supply and production of these; most companies do not maintain a good enough quality of the product. This is why we recommend that you check online reviews before buying the cigarette and the e liquid, and very carefully read the side effects and problems.

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