Facilitating Forward-Thinking – The Rise of Co-working Spaces in North America

As you sit in your current office, you look out the window while breaking from a long stint of work. Professionals mingle and mix in the lobby, and the image of professionals happily engaging with each other makes you really understand the need for the co-working space. You have fallen in love with this trendy working style to the point that you can hardly imagine working in any other office space.

However, the co-working space is anything but a trendy office style that will soon go the way of other trends. In fact, this office space will celebrate its fifteenth birthday next year. As the trend that now seems to be a staple of the office space landscape becomes more popular, leasing companies will come with new and convenient formats for renters. Please click onto http://www.servcorp.com/en/coworking/ to see what premium co-working service providers currently offer businesses.

Continue reading to find out more about the growing popularity of the co-working office space in North America.


The history of this office space solution begins with a programmer who opened the first space in San Francisco called the San Francisco Coworking Space. The idea developed from hackerspaces in the mid-1990s where programmers gathered in physical spaces and exchanged information with each other.

At the same time, a game designer coined the word co-working, but he wanted to foster a work environment that was conducive to promoting cooperation, not competition. From there, the idea developed slowly, and by 2008, more than 75 co-working spaces existed between North America and Europe. By 2011, the movement developed to Asia and Africa. Today, there are co-working spaces in just about every corner of North America, much less the world.


The rise of the co-working space developed out of the need for professionals to find affordable working space that promoted commerce. More than just providing a place for people to work, professional latched onto the idea of leasing companies providing space that also engendered a sense of community as well. Some of the more immediate benefits include providing businesses with drastically reduced rent and providing business with the ability to move around easily.

Another advantage of this working style is the sense of community created, leading entrepreneurs to benefit from being able to network with like-minded professionals from a diverse range of industries. Just by having access to people from so many industries, professionals can cast a wider net when it comes to receiving referrals, finding mentors, finding contractors, and connecting with others for the purpose of collaboration.

The ultimate advantage of adopting this work style is that professionals raise their business’s profile by simply participating in collaborations, which is a promotion for their business in and of itself. However, society, as a whole, has benefitted from co-working in that some of the greatest innovations have come out of the co-working space. Both Uber and Instagram, for example, are companies that have come right out of the co-working space revolution.


Because part of the co-working mission is related to socialising, the hot desks can be a major source of chatter. This disadvantage is a challenge in the co-working space and is a source of distraction, as sometimes the convivial environment causes the noise levels to rise. However, professionals can lease the dedicated desks, which are some distance away from the centre of activity and tend to be quieter.

The Rise Of A Working Revolution

The co-working space is the intersection between creativity, innovation, networking and collaboration. At its minimum, the co-working space allows professionals to be in a professional environment surrounded by like-minded souls muddling through the workday. At its maximum, the co-working space drives ingenuity and industry.

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