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Contents written for various purposes such as essays for universities, research paper, business, books, etc. cannot be termed perfect until and unless they match up to a certain standard in terms of grammar, spellings and overall style and tone. In order to achieve this, proper proofreading and editing are required. Professional online editing services by postcrib ensures that all kinds of documents are made perfect in all parameters by eliminating errors and making required changes.

Some of the features of the services have been listed here.

Plethora of document types

The online editing services by postcrib comprehensively cover all kinds of content types for varied purposes.

Academic documents such as essays, dissertations, term papers, research papers and other contents related to universities are edited by dedicated academic editors. Everything from references and errors to style and tone of the contents are checked and edited by the academic editors.

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Editing service for manuscripts of books and ebooks are also available for the customers. Both fiction and non-fiction categories of various genres are covered by the editors of the agency. Specialist editors are available for each and every kind of genre to provide the best service. The editors make required changes to grammar, punctuation, spellings, style, tone and sentence formatting of the content. The creativity and original ideas of the writer are kept intact. The editors also provide their honest opinion about the plot, dialogue and other aspects of the story.

Business documents are also edited to make them appear more informative for the clients. The business documents are checked for style, tone and level of clarity and edited to make them clearer and concise for the clients. Spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are detected and corrected.

Other kinds of documents edited by the agency include case studies and resumes, CVs and cover letters for job applications.


The editors of the agency have wide ranging knowledge regarding various referencing styles such as Harvard, APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago and Turabian. Thus, they are able to check the referencing method used in an academic document and determine whether it is correct or not. This is important because improper referencing is not acceptable by universities and can also lead to accusations of plagiarism.

Expert editors

The editors employed for editing are native English speakers with high proficiency in English language. The minimum qualification of the editors is Bachelors degree in any technical or non-technical field. The editors also have vast experience in editing.

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