Four Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is vast, and many people believe their situation might be a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen. The law regarding personal injury complaints is vast, and it’s designed to protect all parties whether someone did something negligent and caused injury or someone else is looking for a payout. Whatever the case, the law prevails and you can seek rightful compensation when someone else’s negligence results in your injuries.

If you’re concerned what happened to you is the fault of someone else, it’s always wise to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case. The MGInjuryLawyers have ample experience working with personal injury cases, and it’s in your best interest to call and discuss your case. To determine whether your injury might have cause for a lawsuit, you should get to know what some of the most common personal injury cases concern.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen all the time, and they’re devastating to most. Even a minor accident could result in terrible injuries that cause a person to lose time at work, lose their income, and even incur multiple medical bills in the thousands of dollars. If someone else caused an accident in which you were injured, it might be a personal injury case.

Dog Bites

Many people fail to realize a dog bite is a form of personal injury. If a dog was not properly restrained when in the yard, leashed when out in public, or contained inside the home, the dog’s owner and/or the owner of the home in which the dog resides could be liable for the dog’s actions. There are some laws in some states regarding dangerous dog breeds that even forbids people from owning them in certain places. An attorney can help you determine what you can do with this information.

Slip and Fall Cases

There are some serious misconceptions about this one, and it’s time to clear them up. Someone who falls at the supermarket despite walking right by a “wet floor” sign cannot sue the store. The law only allows this if the store did not post a sign, the problem was one no one bothered to fix despite knowing about it, and many other considerations.

Medical Malpractice

Another very common reason for personal injury lawsuits, people injured in a medical malpractice suit are hurt when their medical professional fails to do his or her job correctly. This might mean showing up to work drunk and performing surgery, failing to check for certain diseases or illnesses after a patient describes symptoms, or providing incorrect medication or treatment to a patient.

There are so many reasons a person might end up hurt because of someone else, and an attorney’s job is to determine whether this means a lawsuit is necessary. An attorney can help figure out if someone was negligent, if it can be proven, and if your injuries are such they require additional damages than what the insurance companies have already paid to you.

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