Fridge Vans, Trailers and Cold Rooms

With Christmas, New Year and winter entertaining demands there is often a need for additional refrigeration space.

If a party is being held in a marquee or food and drink need to be easily accessible from the kitchens and service areas, then there are three viable options that business and domestic clients can consider.

  • Fridge van hire.
  • Cold room.
  • Fridge trailer hire.

A cold room is best installed inside a property, it is immovable once assembled and so if you have space within a building to conveniently house it then a cold room should meet your needs. These are delivered, installed and removed from site by the hire company.

If there is no internal space, then one of the other two options should be considered.

Fridge trailers are delivered to site by the hire company, set up and then left in the client’s care.

They may use the facilities for as long as they need and upon the hire period’s completion a representative from the hire firm will collect the trailer and return it to the depot.

If you require flexibility and mobility for your refrigeration hire, then the fridge van hire with self-drive option may suit you better.

Perhaps you have several functions around a county and so the van can be driven to different points during a hire period.

For example, you drive from the depot to the shopping centre where you remain for three days trading.

At the end of this period you have a Christmas fair to work at on the other side of town.

The following day you must be at a country estate where you are providing refreshments.

Whether the fridge van hire is the sole vehicle or one intended to hold additional capacity the quick turnaround in the schedule and geographical demands mean that the fridge van hire will work efficiently, add to your service levels and allow forward planning.

Although the fridge van hire is normally more expensive than the trailer and cool room options the freedom of movement and logistics compensate for this.

The higher charges are applied because fuel and vehicle maintenance costs must be factored in to hire quotes.

If you require freezer hire then as with the fridge options, there are freezer rooms, freezer trailers and freezer van hire facilities.

Professional hire companies like Icecool Trailers who cover Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, London, the Midlands and South Wales, will be able to offer cost effective, efficient and highly rated fridge and freezer facilities with as much flexibility as you need.

Ideal for:

  • Community centres.
  • Christmas markets.
  • Schools, colleges, universities.
  • Galleries, exhibition spaces.
  • Wedding venues.
  • Party venues.
  • Festive food festivals.
  • New Year’s events.
  • In a domestic setting.

Don’t take chances with food safety or try to cram stock in to your existing facilities, fridge and freezer vans, rooms and trailers are just a call away.

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