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Lots of companies need to transport their cargos and goods to a distant site. Especially, the industries, associated in the field of manufacturing, construction, agriculture and distribution, try to transport heavy-duty tools and equipment for their everyday business. For the transportation of road-graders, cranes, big tractors and bulldozers, you have to rely on the special trucks. However, you may not know the accurate freight shipment rate. Landstar transportation agents help you to find out the freight shipping price in the present market. Moreover, with their assistance, you will have no delay in freight transportation.

Details that you have to submit to choose trailer

While you are going to contact a Landstar agent to haul the heavy tools, you have to gather the essential information to enjoy the most reasonable rates.

Make a list to show what equipments have to be transported. You may insert the details of every model.Measure the weight and dimensions of the machineries and tools. Your Landstar agent has no knowledge on your machine configuration and other details. You may better submit the snaps of each of the machineries to make sure that the right truck has been chosen for your equipment. You must also find out some other information-

  • The way of loading the freight
  • With the freight be loaded from ground level?
  • Are the service providers using the crane of forklift for this loading process?
  • Will they use tarp for covering your load?
  • Tarp size, essential for your load
  • Is there is trouble for covering the load with tarp
  • Can the tarp get torn due to your items?

You must check out the transportation dates to keep away from any potential problems. Your telephone or mobile number is another essential detail for booking the truck.

Which trucks are right for you?

In most of the cases, the flatbed trucks are the best choices for moving the heavy machinery. However, these flatbed trucks versions are available in different versions, and you may speak to your Landstar agent to know this information. For the tall freight, you may use a step deck truck. There is also RGN trailer to haul the heavier pipes. Hire the professionals, and find the most affordable deals.

You will have no problem in transporting freight to any place. Invest a reasonable amount for the purpose of shipping your freight.

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