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History Help Please!!!!!!!?

History Help Please!!!!!!!?

1. What important step did the Meiji government take when it modernized and industrialized Japan? (Points : 3)
built trade agreements with China and Korea

used the Samurai to guard new factories

selected industrial engineering students for a special program at Tokyo University

set up a modern banking system

2. What are the major goals of industrialized nations that were building empires in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? (Points : 3)
to bring Christianity to unenlightened places and establish it as the major religion

to locate more natural resources and establish new markets

to find agricultural areas to replace the ones they used to build industries

to establish their power so that other nations would hold them in high regard

3. Who was Sun Yat-sen? (Points : 3)
the first president of the Republic of China

a powerful Manchu military leader

an emperor of the Qing Dynasty

the naval leader who allowed the Japanese to land on the Chinese mainland

4. China’s decision not to modernize and industrialize in the late 1800s resulted in all of the following except __________.
(Points : 3)
China gave up spheres of influence to foreign powers

China became an imperial power in East Asia

China lost the Sino-Japanese War

China’s population lacked a strong sense of national pride

5. What helped Japan become an imperial power? (Points : 3)
the inward focus during its isolationist period that allowed time for analysis of problems and solutions
the decision to industrialize and adopt Western technologies

colonization efforts throughout Southeast Asia

beginning conquests of foreign nations close to home first

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  1. Ian Hart says:

    no home work

  2. gigi18 says:

    i only know the answer to number 3.

    sun yat-sen was the provincial president of china.

    sorry i cant answer your other ones!

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