How A Routing Software For Garbage Truck Fleet Can Save Your Business Money

Are you losing a lot of money because of unpredictable travel times and unreliable data provided to you because of human error made on input logs by the crew? These dilemmas used to be factored in with the costs. This is no longer the case, however, with the advancement of routing software for garbage trucks.

Using the routing software, you can save a lot of money for your business. You will be able to take advantage of the different features provided to you such as the pinging of the location of the driver and even the status of the truck.

Let’s take an in-depth look as to what a routing software can do for your business financially.

Save Time to Save Money

A routing software for your garbage truck fleet can save you a lot of time. In turn, you will be able to save a lot of money because your garbage trucks are taking the best roads in order to get to the next point.

The software can also be programmed to factor in other things that may be more relevant to the routes of your drivers instead of providing a generic tracking system that most drivers use. A garbage truck takes a lot more space and may not be allowed in certain areas. The routing software can produce an output using that information.

Differentiating the Needs

Depending on who you provide services to, it is essential that you use routing software for garbage trucks. A good example would be a commercial service being more accessible, but not as accessible as an industrial route. At the very bottom could be the residential area where there may be a lot more restrictions as to where the garbage truck can go.

Using a routing software accompanied by the proper equipment, the drivers can ping to themselves or back to the comms center whenever they encounter something that may be out of the norm. Instead of having to make a rash decision, the managing officer at the time can make it for them.

Different situations call for different approaches. On a different time of the year, you may be required to take faster routes or avoid certain problematic traffic zones. You also have to factor the weight of what the garbage truck is currently hauling.

Fleet Management

Fleet management becomes a lot easier when taking advantage of routing software for garbage trucks. Used to be, garbage trucks breaking down because companies elect to save money on repairs so they can buy a new one in the future was an acceptable sight. Nowadays, it’s a sign of a failing business.

With the use of a routing software, you will be able to find out what potential damage your garbage trucks have to withstand depending on the road types and conditions. This will save you a lot of money because of the ability to prevent certain problems from becoming worse. Better yet, you can avoid particular dilemmas altogether with the use of specialized equipment on your trucks.

Route Optimization Consultants offers routing software for garbage trucks so your fleet can more effectively do its job while saving on fuel and keeping cost down. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

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