It is evident that choosing welcome forex bonuses are always considered as the most effective way to test brokers. If you want to launch into forex market with a long-term plan, you need to know how to choose good forex welcome bonuses. Traders are often attracted by the best welcome bonuses from brokers, but they do not have a good understanding about the brokers who offer these bonuses. Therefore, I made up my mind to write this article with a view to helping traders find best forex welcome bonuses. In addition, I will provide you some valuable information as well as some comments on some forex brokers who offer good welcome programs.

  1. Who are offering good forex welcome bonus?

As a matter of fact, after experiencing different forex brokers, I can list some brokers who offer their customers good welcome bonus programs. It is vitally important for you to determine whether it is a good welcome bonus program or not. By doing this, I myself ensure that you can find your ideal welcome bonus programs. Here are three forex brokers who have great welcome bonus programs.

  • XM
  • FBS
  • FXTM

In terms of these three forex brokers, I am really interested in XM. It is because they not only offer good welcome bonus program but also 100% bonus on new deposition.

In general, before making a decision to choosing good welcome bonus program, we need to fully understand some information-related brokers.

  1. Top good forex bonus brokers for traders.

The chief reason why we need to make a list of good forex bonus brokers is that we want to enjoy our profit. As a result, it is a must-do task for traders to find out top brokers who offer best bonus programs. After trading with many different forex brokers, I definitely can have a list of four brokers who have great bonus programs here.

  • Best welcome premium – XM: 30$ welcome premium
  • Best welcome premium – FBS: 50$ welcome premium
  • Best deposit premium – XM: 100% deposit premium

Lot Back premium – Exness: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot

It is the fact that Exness is always my priority. It is because they have good bonus programs as well as good trading conditions => Exness reviews

  1. Other sorts of bonuses

In addition to welcome bonus, there are some other forex bonuses which traders should know. Deposit bonus and Lot back bonus (Loyalty bonus) are two other kinds of bonuses.

Deposit Bonus is the one that you can collect more money by depositing a big amount of money.

Lot back bonus (Loyalty bonus) is the one that brokers will rebate a portion of your transactions to your account. Hence, it would be the most attractive one for the vast majority of experienced traders.

  1. Criteria of good forex welcome bonuses that forex traders should know.

Since this article is mostly about bonuses, below are my 3 personal standards when it comes to choosing a broker based on their bonus programs:

  • Easy withdrawal conditions

In fact, it would be a great thing when traders have a good chance to enjoy their profit without much troubles. The number of brokers, who offer welcome bonuses, requires their customers to meet some stringent policies in order to withdraw profit. In my opinion, it can be a real hassle for forex traders when conforming to these regulations because they are almost new ones. Now we should know some basic things about three aforementioned brokers in terms of their minimum lot traded requirement.

  • XM has the fairest withdrawal condition. In fact, when trading with this broker, what traders need to do is just to finish 0.1 lot. As
  • FXTM ranks second when they have their customers finish 1 lot traded in order to withdraw profits.
  • FBS has the maximum welcome bonus roughly $123 because they offer 123 bonus programs. In reality, the highest amount of money that you can get is $3. To be more specific, you can get $60 within 7 days of trading if you trade around 20 lots.
  • High welcome bonus value

To be honest, the vast majority of forex traders desire to have high welcome bonus amount. In addition to these three forex brokers that I’ve mentioned above, FBS is now offering the highest achievable welcome bonus which is $ 123. On the other hand, XM and FXTM are now offering the same amount of welcome bonus which is approximately $30.

  • Trustworthy forex brokers

As we all know, going for reliable forex brokers play a vital role in gaining benefits. There are a number of forex traders lost their money because they did not trade with trusted brokers. Hence, an important task that we should take into consideration is to trade with trusted forex brokers. According to my own experience, XM is regarded as the best one with regard to its credibility and transparency.

  1. Which one is better for trader between good bonus and low spread?

It is widely considered good bonus programs to be the best choice. Indeed, traders need to know that they need a long-term plan. If you trade with one of aforementioned forex brokers, you do not to take best trading condition or low spread into account. From my perspective, it is much better for you to trade with trusted forex brokers because they will offer you a variety of good trading conditions.

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