Intuitive inventory Management

The intra-warehouse and inter-warehouse transfers are common in the day to day activities of business. Once in a while, this can create errors in the inventory. Here comes the powerful Intuitive Inventory Management tool from LoMag.

All the inconvenience of proper documentation is eliminated with the Intuitive Inventory Management tool brought to you LoMag. What you have to do is simply to point out the warehouse to which you wish to transfer given items. And the Intuitive Inventory Management tool would do the rest including updating the date base.

 If the transferred items have not yet been added to the target warehouse, the program adds them automatically to the database. For more details on Intuitive Warehouse Management, please visit

Now all the efficiency, stability and reliability of an inventory management is in your hands. LoMag employs  Microsoft SQL Server which is one of the cutting edge technologies. This fool proof system allows you get quick and reliable access to your data.

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LoMag application has been fully integrated, designed, developed and tested to give the fastest response, software.  Multitasking is yet another unique feature of Intuitive Inventory Management tool from LoMag. Long allows smooth sailing with so many computers is they centralized unit as well as decentralized warehouses. The absolute coherence of different data sources is assured.

LoMag offers Intuitive Inventory Management tool of adding warehouse transfers with ease. Proper records of receipts, sales, transfer and disposal are kept for the employees to get the status at a glimpse. This unique inventory management can also give the stock value at any given point of time. You will get a clear cut idea of the stock depletion rate, replenishment rate called for as well as the profitability. Mainly this system employs advanced algorithm.

Now you have the convenience of modern technology applicable to your modern inventory management.

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