Larson & Holz – what types of trading accounts does this broker have?

Often speaking about brokerage services, a beginner trader implies a certain package of services. In principle, brokerage services are called a functional package, which includes types of trading accounts, brokerage contests, various bonuses, and other functions. It’s no secret that the more services a broker provides, the more loyal customers are to the company. We can say that a multi-functional broker will always be in the ratings above others. It should be noted a lot of non-standard services brokerage company Larson & Holz. There is, of course, a standard set of options that are found in other brokers. But there are quite interesting options that are not found in others. And I would like to start with trading accounts. The company has provided its customers with six types of trading accounts. Let’s start in order.

The first type of trading account is Standart. In fact, this type of trading account is recommended to open to traders who prefer aggressive trading. How to understand the aggressive? This trade is increased volume with a high loading of the deposit. Many other brokers have restrictions on longevity, and deposit loading. And the same scalping is forbidden by many brokers. This clearly delivers certain inconvenience to traders. Many of them prefer this style, and trading systems are designed just for him. But the company Larson & Holz decided not to create unnecessary problems for traders. Restrictions are lifted, and each trader can trade as he wants. Here everything depends on him. And it’s welcome. What are the advantages of the trading account Standart. A trader opening a trading account is guaranteed to receive a market spread. Not the one that the broker establishes, namely the direct spread. And these are the best prices for buying and selling. In addition, the trader does not lose part of the profits. As for the execution of orders. The execution is instantaneous. There are no delays that lead to entry into the market at unprofitable prices. But it should be borne in mind that much depends on the client here. More precisely from the speed of the Internet. In addition, there is no such characteristic factor as slippage. Again, pay attention to the quality of performance. The company tried to maximize the price difference to the market. In principle, this is a huge advantage for traders. In the sense that a trader can get more profit by reducing the spread. As for the size of the deposit, the minimum amount is $ 1,000. Many novice traders can consider this as a huge amount, but let’s be determined. First, what can you earn with 10 dollars? Straightforward, nothing. Well, what can I earn with $ 100? A little more than nothing. Secondly, it’s not that it’s big money. This is a regular deposit, an ordinary trader. And the profit from this amount is significant. And if we add to this the reduction of the spread and the execution of orders at market prices, the chances of obtaining maximum profit are more than enough.

The second type of trading account is Safe. Let’s list the main advantages of this type. Zero swap. A huge advantage for those traders who prefer medium and long-term trade. Information for those who are not familiar with this concept. Swap – the transfer of an open order the next day. For example, a trader opened a warrant for the purchase of currency. At the end of the day, he decided not to close it, as there is a lot of growth potential. An open warrant is left overnight. Well, for this broker charges a swap. It can be positive or negative. Here it depends on the bank. Why is zero swap an advantage? The trader does not lose profit due to negative swaps. Swap on an open order within a week, can cut back about 10% of the profit. Again, the trader receives a market spread. As in the first type of account. Well, the service Forex Family. This service is used mainly by potential investors working on long-term. Commission service reduced from 1 dollar or more.

The third type of account is Start. From the name it is clear that this is a normal starting account for a beginner trader. It has its advantages. But what is characteristic, the company Larson & Holz crypto has expanded the line of options for this type. Select the first option for the re quotes. Now they are not. As for the spread, they are as close as possible to market ones. Indirect, but not market. This is the average spread between them. That’s why this type of account is attractive, so this is the minimum amount. This will allow a novice trader to reduce the risk in trading. It is known that the level of volume affects profitability, and trade in general. The smaller the volume, the lower the risk. The company set the minimum value at the level of 0.01 lot. The minimum initial deposit is 250 dollars. But this does not mean that the trader must necessarily replenish the deposit with this amount. The trader can replenish it with any amount, starting with 1 dollar. Well and 250 dollars, it is faster the recommended size.

Binary options. Larson & Holz decided to connect this service due to the great popularity of this tool. The minimum bid is $ 9. The management of the company promised to reduce the rate for greater accessibility of the instrument. The expiration term of the option is from one minute. This allows you to earn in a short time.

 Demo account and no deposit account. The difference between them is small. Demo account is virtual. No deposit account does not require replenishment of the deposit. It opens with a sum of $ 100. This money the company gives money for a beginner trader to start trading. The profit is considered the property of the trader.

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