List of some of the best blogs about sales and marketing

Below given are some of the blogs related to the sales and some information about each of the blogs:

  1. Hubspot sales blogs:

Helpful for– salespersons, executives and managers

About the blog– The blogs by Hubspot are written by many renowned personalities from the world of sales. Some of these great contributors are Jeff Hoffman, Grant Cardone, etc. The persons who are new to the sales market will get a lot of benefit from these blogs.

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The blogs are really informative and will let you understand about how to write the best emails and also how to negotiate while discussing about a certain deal. Many useful tips are provided to make your work easy.

  1. Blogs by Zig Ziglar’s:

Helpful for– managers, executives and sales leaders

About the blog– This blog will provide the most benefit to the persons who are the leaders of the sales. The articles contained in this blog will let your realize your maximum potentials which you should have being the leader. One of the most popular salesperson named Ziglar will give the readers the best advices for their business.

  1. Heinz marketing blog:

Helpful for– sales and marketing managers

About the blog– this blog will keep the managers updated with the latest trends and news about marketing. This is a must have blog for the managers so that they can stay tuned with the latest advancements in the field of marketing and sales.

  1. The sales leader blog:

Helpful for- sales managers and leaders

About the blog- this blog is used by Colleen Francis to provide the readers information about the need of new tools and strategies that are needed to be adopted by the leaders and managers in order to get the best results.

  1. OppSource sales blog

Helpful for– executives, managers and salespersons

About the blog– this blog is meant to make the sales systems understanding easy. The blogs are well researched and properly written in order to provide the best and accurate information to the readers.

  1. Datanyze blog

Helpful for– SaaS sales managers

About the blog– the people who are looking for news about the SaaS, this blog is the best place to find all the necessary information. Each and every article of this blog is meant to provide some necessary information to the readers. Many of the sales experts and leaders are contributing for this blog to provide the best information for the readers.

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