Personal finance

Personal finance is a type of financial management which an individual or family undertakes to save and make a judicious of the money earned and also make proper arrangements for the future in case of any medical or financial crisis that may arise. It is basically a plan made by an individual for saving the money earned for the future. Nowadays personal finance has become an important way of saving money and cutting back on the unnecessary expenses.

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There are various options for you to select from, in order to perform proper personal financing and they are:-

  • Credit cards
  • Budgeting
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Retirement plans

Below is a brief idea about about budgeting, which is a basic method for personal financing.


This is the basic step towards personal financing. In budgeting you weigh your expenses and your income. You make a plan so that your expenses are less than your income. In budgeting you plan for spending your money properly and judiciously.

When you have an idea about how much you should spend in order to save more, you will never be in debt and even if you are already in debt, budgeting will help you pay your debt faster.

Budgeting will help you to purchase anything which is important or anything that you really need in future. You can easily get what you want if you spend wisely and save.

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For budgeting, you can first start off by tracking your expenses, month by month for half a year or for a full year. This way you can get a rough idea about what are your expenses at each time of year. There might be times when you cannot save much and sometimes you will be able save a lot. So, by tracking the expenses, you can make efforts to even out these ups and downs in the amount of money that you spend.

Benefits of budgeting-

  • You will be relaxed and tension free when you know that you have money in your bank
  • You will be ready for any crisis like some health crisis for example-  hospital stay for mild illness
  • You will not have to borrow money hence preventing debt
  • You can save on long term basis for your future
  • You can save on short term basis for making important purchases for example- purchasing a bike
  • When you know how much you are spending by tracking, you can stop unnecessary expenses in order to save for the future

Budgeting is not limited to certain people who are poor or who are in debt. It is for each and everyone. It is for rich as well as poor, old as well as young, earning as well as non-earning people (students), all of us need to spend our money judiciously and that’s why we need budgeting. So, if you haven’t started budgeting yet, start it right now in order to build a better future financially for yourself and your family.

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