Photo Booth Explosion in Popularity in Melbourne

The event scene in Melbourne Australia is not complete without an Photo Booth to capture the beautiful moments. Whether it is a big event like a concert or an intimate affair like a wedding or a birthday party, photo booths have experienced an explosion in popularity. Whether you own one or you are planning to hire a rental, the following are the reasons for the popularity of the PhotoPhoto Booth in Melbourne.


It is an easy concept that when a celebrity associates themselves with a certain brand or object, it popularity soars and more individuals want to be like their favorite celeb. In 1963, Harper’s Bazaar commissioned Andy Wharol to do a feature on photo booths, which inevitably led to him in love with the booths. He went on to have works of celebrities with global recognition like boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, Marylyn Monroe et al. The phenomenal has achieved technological and design advancements and their popularity are at an all-time high.


Despite the inclusion of highly capable digital cameras in smartphones, more people still crave the nostalgia of an actual photograph. The Photo Booths in Melbourne are an easy, fast, and cheap way to take instant pictures. Others will go to the Photo Booth rental companies and hire the machines for their events. The cost effectiveness of the booths has been a major factor in the explosion in popularity of the Photo Booth.


A while ago, the photo booths in Melbourne were away from view, meaning you have to ask for directions to the nearest booth in your locality. In the present age, the booths are mobile and in strategic public areas where they are easily accessible. This directly links to the explosion in popularity of the Photo Booth in Melbourne.

Popular culture

Fads come and go, when it concerns popular culture. The photo booth has since in 1880 when two entrepreneurs, Edward Poole and William, acquired the patent for the coin-operated automatic photo booth. Since then and up to the recent PhotoPhoto Booth, their popularity has fallen and risen, but it maintains to be an important aspect of the culture in Melbourne and the greater Australia. Whether it is a rental or your own, an Photo will be a crowd pleaser.

The agility of the photo booth has continued to wow people in Melbourne for generation, the explosion in popularity depends on the history, and the memories passed down through generations. With advancement in technology, many companies offer exclusive photo booths with more and more features to add to the fun.

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