Profitable Pricing Strategies for Amazon Sellers 2017

Being Amazon Seller opens up different aspects in front of you through which you can sell your products to vast number of people at a time. At the same time, to be a successful seller at Amazon you need to master many skills. One of the most important skills that you need to master is the pricing strategy at which you will be selling your merchandise.

Your pricing strategy will be based on a lot of factor apartfrom including the actual price that you pay for your products, sales rank history, pricing history, price of your FBA competitors and current sales rank This Targeted best seller ranking, Hire for seo Also Provide this type Amazon seo keyword ranking service.

Pricing should be moderate

Never ever price your merchandise too high or too low! When you price them too high you will find that only few products are removed from your inventory and when you charge too low you will not be able to recover the cost in the long run! The best way is to stick to a middle path where you will be having a moderate price that will help you recover your cost and then earn some profit.

To achieve your Buy Box dream as an amazon seller you can always try out the repricing strategy. You can take help of repricing software that will let you set the prices more effectively.

People do not buy cheapest product

And when you set your pricing strategy remember that you should not have the lowest price. You will find that people are buying your products but they are not doing so as they need your product, rather they will associate it with low quality product. You will no more be competing with your actual competitors.

Successful sellers on Amazon who are at FBA use the strategy of pricing their products at about 1.5% more expensive than the lowest seller. They make this as their default strategy for about 70 to 75% of their inventory.

Try to follow others

Sometimes you may find it difficult to price your products according to the repricing strategy. In such case do not try to match with your nearest lowest seller and decide your price accordingly. Instead look for what the FBA sellers are setting as their prices.

When you match your prices with the lowest FBA competition you will find that your sales have increased while the profit margin may reduce. However, as overall sales have increased you can get profitable margin on your total cost as you do not have to hire warehouse for the merchandise for long.

Decide with your experience and intelligence

It is always advised to use the repricing software for managing the prices when you are not sure of the prices. However, although the software is easy to navigate and use t is advisable that you use your own intelligence too when it comes to pricing the merchandise for profit. Your business experience along with your intelligence will surely support you decide on many other factors that are not considered by repricing software like

  • Using the past experience for taking any decisions in future
  • Anticipating the trend of your competitor
  • Understanding whether an item is to be sold quickly or it needs a boost for getting sold.
  • When should you use the repricing strategy for pricing your products?

Do not stick a sticker of ‘On sale’ on your products suddenly but consider which among those can be used for repricing strategy.

You have to take decision based upon various factors that what fees are to be paid by you and how can you avoid extensive fees.

There is another strategy for increasing your sales. If you want you can decrease the cost of those items that are at the top of your price list. You will find that many customers are delighted when they get some discount at some high priced items. They feel like they can get a quality item at affordable price and tend to make maximum purchase.

Do not ignore the theory of supply and demand

While you set the pricing strategy never ever ignore the theory of demand and supply that states that the price of any product is set by the demand and supply of the product. Hence, when the demand of any product is normal and the supply is high, you must sell off the products at low price as there will be many more sellers doing the same.

Similarly if you have some product that is limited then it is always better to earn some extra bucks by keeping the prices of that product high.

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Follow what expert suggest

You set the pricing strategy of your business so that you are able to earn profit from your business. While you set any strategy there is no doubt that you have to depend upon the market and others who are selling products in the market. At the same time you must also follow what the experts says about pricing.

There are different types of products and you must be dealing with varieties of them. While you will found that some of them are quite saleable for others you have to put effort. You will get that different experts have shared their experience on how they have dealt with different products and how you can handle them profitably. Like, Ryan Grant, an Amazon FBA seller suggest how you can use your ‘melt able items’ as amazon will not allow those items in their fulfillment warehouse after 30th April.

This way you will be able to decide how you can set the prices of your products where you will be sharing your experience with the experience of the experts.


There is no doubt that to increase your profit you need to price your products competitively. There are different strategies and each will depend upon the condition of the market at that moment. You will find that the repricing strategies will be successful sometimes but at other times you have to consider other factors too.  For more what is the amazon keyword ranking service.

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