Reasons why wholesalers invest in CRM distributors

The majority of wholesalers do not invest in a modern system to improve the effectiveness of their activities, because they consider that they should not waste money on a software they are not sure that it will bring them benefits. If you implement an application that suits the needs of your company, then you can be sure that it will be effective. However, if you do not check the issues your company is dealing with, before you invest in a software, you have great chances the system not to help you improve you activities. Many companies consider that they do not need a CRM tool, because they do not have a sales team. And in case you run a large company, and you have a sales team, you might have the impression that they are fine and they are able to understand the needs of your clients, without using a special app. In addition, many distributors do not invest in this type of system, because they consider that it is enough for them to sell only to existing customers, because they work in an industry where activities are repetitive.

But, even if you think that there is no problem, if you will analyze the activities of your employees, you will understand that they spend a lot of time in completing tasks that would be finished fast if you would use CRM distributors. Providers of CRM apps are aware that if you run a wholesale business, you have specific needs, and they have to design a software that meets you needs.

What does CRM mean for your business?

Have you ever asked yourself what customer relationship managements means for a business with your specific? When it comes to businesses that address to persons, their main focus is to find new customers, because this is the only way to strengthen their companies. However, if you run a wholesale company, then your target should be to build your ongoing relationships with your existing clients. Your sales team should always look for new ways to cultivate your partnerships and educate your clients on the new services you are able to offer. The same team has to offer support to your customers and to offer them insights into the process, because in this way you will build a strong relationship.

Why do you need CRM if you work in the distribution industry?

Every wholesale company has a distribution team, and a CRM distributors software will help them manage the information they receive and help you complete their tasks successfully. In this way, you will not have to deal with delays, and your company will not face penalties. As a wholesaler, you clients depend on the products you send them, and if they arrive late, then they are not able to sale and their businesses experience drawbacks. If your customers have difficulties, then so would you, because they will not buy from you, and they will find another provider. Therefore, it is crucial to improve your services and to deliver your products in time.

  • When you use a CRM app you are able to offer excellent customer services

Have you ever wondered how much time your employees spend to understand the needs of your clients? Are they able to deliver the products in time to every partner? You should give your clients confidence that you are a well-established and reliable company, if you want them to continue to collaborate with you. And this means that you should be able to answer their questions and to offer them the services they need. Because you both wholesale and deliver products, you have to focus on the pre-sale and delivery stages. If your employees are able to manage the information regarding your products and delivery services, then they will be able to keep your clients happy. If you use a CRM software as the one offered by bpm’online, then you will not experience as many delays as in the past and you will increase the number of sales.

  • A CRM distributors software can help you boost sales

Because you are a wholesaler, your main purpose is to sell more every month. Therefore, your main question is how the CRM tool will be able to help you with this aspect. The system is able to engage your clients when a new opportunity comes for them. The software gathers the information regarding your clients’ preferences in one place and in this way, your sales team has a clear idea on what needs and difficulties they have. Then you will work together with the customer and see what solution would fit them. If you have access to the history of their requirements, then you will understand what every one of them wants. Many companies have issues when it comes to responding to the needs and requirements of their clients, and to configure their services in such a way to meet the standards. With a software as the one offered by Nimble you have access to valuable information captured in your CRM app.

  • With the help of a CRM tool you can reach new markets

Some companies have no issues to continue their partnership with their existing clients, but they find difficult to reach new customers and to access new markets. If your main purpose is to expand on a new market, then you should talk with your sales team, and see if you can bring new products on sale. Also, you should see what industries you can target to distribute your products. The CRM app will help you manage these prospects and improve the communications with your possible customers. It will help you sales team to measure their accomplishments and to see if they managed to fulfill their goals. It is important to improve the selling process if you want to reach to new markets, because clients want to collaborate with a company that performs when it comes to delivering products. There are numerous options when it comes to CRM system, but for you it is important to choose one especially designed for a distributor of wholesale products.

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