Sales funnel: The marketing technique to attract customer

These days the online business is in trend because of the opportunities it offers as well as it also helps in enhancing your sales. This is not possible without marketing, as it is very important and helps in attracting potential customers. Most of the time such problems occur due to which your deal gets rejected and it mostly happens when it is almost done. So, to overcome any such issue you can consider the strategy of sales funnel. This is the process through which leads are converted into prospectus and then the prospectus is converted into customer. Overall this process helps you in increasing the sales by utilizing everything effectively.

This process is carried out in number of phases which differ from time to time depending upon the purpose of sales. These phases help in taking your sales process from initials stage to the final stage. With the help of sales funnel you likely get idea whether or not which opportunity will be converted into sales. The process is categorized into two heads potential customers and committed customers. You can know more about this process and its working by visiting the mentioned link

Phases of sales funnel

Awareness phase: In this stage prospectus learns existing solutions, services and products. In this he identifies the need and decides to visit your website for very first time.

Interest phase: This phase is very important as in this stage prospectus shows interest in your services and products. So this is the best time when you can attract them and can highlight your features.

Evaluation phase: In this stage prospectus evaluates your product and compares it with your competitors and tries to find best solution.

Decision phase: In this stage customer decide whether he want to avail your products or not. And most probably their decision is in your side.

Purchase phase: This is the last stage and in this prospectus purchases your product and the deal is finalized.

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