Seven Ways to Save Serious Money On Your Grocery Bill

The cost of groceries and household items are on the increase. According to the USDA, the average family of four spends around $191-$289 each week on their food bill. With nearly $1,200 a month going for sustenance, there must be a way to save. If you are serious about cutting your food budget, then here are some tips to help you in your journey.

1. Use Price Matching

Almost all the big chain grocery stores will allow you to price match your items. You can pair a sale item with a coupon for extra savings. Why not shop at one store and use sales flyers from several? You can save yourself hundreds of dollars a year by simply price matching.

2. Meal Plan

Never go to the grocery store hungry. In fact, you need to have a meal plan in hand ready to shop. Limit yourself to only the things you need for your meals and any snacking. You want to limit or exclude impulse buying. The checkout aisles are one of the biggest places for impulse shopping. Make sure to have a mindset to get what’s on the list and nothing else. For extra savings, meal plan around what is on sale that week.

3. Set A Budget

Set a budget for your shopping trips. Make sure to come as close to without going over the allotted amount. You will find that budgeting is hard at first, especially if you are accustomed to just buy what you want. Since groceries are one of the biggest expenses in the home, you need to make sure you stick to a strict budget to keep things in check.

4. Use Digital Coupons

While clipping coupons from the Sunday paper is still a great avenue to save, the coupon restrictions have gotten out of hand. Digital coupons are all the rage. Some stores allow you to load digital coupons to a shopper’s card and they come off your balance at the store. You can use digital coupons in all aspects of the home. In fact, there are places, like 7coupons, that offer thousands of digital coupons for various stores. From restaurants to printing business cards, it is a great way to save.

5. Buy Mark Down Items

Every store has a day when they mark down goodies. These marked down items still have plenty of life left in them, but you can get reduced items for a great price. Buy reduced priced things in bulk and use a freezer to keep them fresh. It can really make a big impact on your grocery bill.

6. Use Money Back Savings Programs

There are plenty of places that will pay you to shop. Unlike coupon apps, these apps want you to purchase a certain item and scan the barcode into their program with your smartphone. They will deposit the money into your PayPal account, or they can mail you a check. If you want to have extra money for grocery shopping, try buying a few items on the list to get cash back.

7. Limit Trips To The Grocery Store

Try to limit your trips to the grocery store. The more you are in these big box stores, the more likely you are to make impulse purchases. You want to make sure you buy only what you need for the week and nothing more. Sure, stockpiling is a good idea, but you need to make sure you only spend a small amount for your “rainy day savings.” If every time you go in the store you spend $50, then it can add up quickly.

By incorporating these tips, you can learn how to save big money at the grocery store. When you save money off your grocery bill, you will have more money to do other, more exciting things.

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