Stop putting focus on the vanity marketing metrics: learn to set your goals

In today’s digital marketing world there is no shortage of online stores, sites and data so it becomes very essential to target right metrics. You need to just stop maintaining focus on the Marketing Vanity Metrics and follow some of the key marketing metrics that would really matter positively. Firstly you need to set your goals because marketing metrics are essential for your business and you. People should understand that in any marketing campaign it is important to implement a measured effective performance plan that should produce applicable and relevant insights.

Removal of the marketing metrics that matter

One should understand and identify the marketing metrics that would actually matter. An actionable metrics allows you to analyze your marketing campaigns effectiveness in order to provide you best strategic results. One should not be so vain with the Vanity Metrics during the determination of appropriate metrics to report.

  • Followers on the social media

The content posted by you is only seen by only 3 percent of your face book fans while the number of like cannot be co-related with page engagement. Into the performance of your campaigns Email open rate gives you insights like about the timings or effectiveness of your subject lines. Although, it is not capable to give you exact picture about the performance of your content in audience.

  • Page views of the blogs

Through this way many of the people consider to produce thoughtful content. A page view of your blog posts only reflects about your top performed posts.  According to the experiences of many people these vanity metrics are considered not to be good for any purposes in fact only make the entrepreneurs to feel better or good. As a marketer one should maintain focus on the right metrics and stick to guidelines to impress the targeted audience.

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