Stress-free Event Planning – Conferences and Events in Manchester City Centre

It may seem unachievable, but staying stress-free during the planning stages and performance of an event is possible. This article explains how being a step ahead of likely problems will decrease the pressure immeasurably; allowing you to organise Conferences and Events in Manchester City Centre to the best of your abilities, and enjoy it!


Before you do anything, set a budget. Virtually whatever you would like to do for an event will cost money. Therefore, plan a team meeting and collect all of your thoughts and research all of the expenses. Make sure to hold ten percent of your cash back for crises; this means if there happen to be hidden prices, any miscalculations or last minute extras you would like to add, there’ll be a reserve budget to get you out of difficult situations.


The most significant element that creates tension for just about any coordinator is rushing against the clock. While some things might only be performed just before the event (i.e. setting up your space, printing off name badges, pouring the welcome drinks), preparing in advance and getting ahead of the game is the best solution to alleviate any potentially stressful scenarios. Develop a timeline with specific deadlines for all your responsibilities. This way there’ll be no panic attacks in the middle of the event, and you will know you’re on the right path with your timeline.


Having too much on your plate is a simple strategy to stress out yourself. Delegating tasks to other team members will also let you have time to take a step back and look at the big picture. Be sure every single person in your team is working to their full potential, have regular ‘check-ins’ with all staff to make certain they’re hitting their deadlines, and you’re happy with their work.

Plan B

Every event is susceptible to mishaps, be it bad weather, no-shows, last-minute letdowns by providers, etc. Therefore, have a backup plan . Brainstorm with your team potential problems that may occur and devise a manner in which you would execute a contingency for every one of them.

Healthy body, healthy thoughts

The events industry is notoriously exhausting and all-consuming. Lack of sleep, no exercise and eating can become customs that are difficult to shift if you’re not careful. Look after yourself, notably at the start of planning when things are somewhat quieter. It will help you stay healthy and fit as the big day approaches. Being on top of your game will make scenarios that are possibly stressful more easy to deal with.

Conferences and Events Manchester City Centre

If you are interested in organising a conference of an event in Manchester City Centre, The Bridgewater Hall is a fantastic option. With a range of inspiring spaces, a dedicated Events Team to support you throughout, world-class lighting and sound engineers, and boasting the best acoustics in the whole of the UK in the beautiful Auditorium, there is no better place.

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