Tech startups that are buzzworthy

Starting a business is always a combination of excitement and nervousness. And not too many fields are as thrilling as that of technology. India is at the forefront of tech start ups. Here are some of the most buzz-worthy tech start-ups today.

From the congested city of Bangalore, comes a solution for the massive pollution caused by vehicles.  Altigreen Propulsion Labs has created an inexpensive solution that can change any car into a hybrid model. This new model then raises the efficiency of fuel by 20%. This is important especially in a country like India where traffic jams warrant start and stop actions that makes for inefficient driving. In existence since 2012, the company’s retrofit system known as HyPixi delivers major returns for an initial investment. Imagine bringing down costs of maintenance, consumption of fuel and reduce emission- all great things!

If you’re in the mood to party, you’ll want what Comfort Products Pvt Ltd has created. Called Swift Chill, this tiny refrigerator allows you to cool a beverage in less than three minutes. No ice, no fuss. You’ll need eight minutes for sparkling wine, 3 for red and 5 for white wine.  If you like your beer, then the fridge can accommodate two or three cans at a time. The simple technology it uses is water. Switch the device on and a chilled water bath will do the job.

Three enterprising and brilliant women in Mumbai and New York have come together to fight child deaths that take place every year. They started SoaPen Inc (In India, it’s called Khello Khillo Design LLP). Would you believe that 1.5 million children, younger than five years old, die every single year from easily preventable diseases?  A death that could have been prevented if the child had just washed its hands. Soapen is a hand wash with a difference- a roll-on that makes washing akin to drawing-a fun exercise. The hand wash uses safe, food-grade colours that kids can use to draw all over their hands. The action of taking the colours off, the rubbing action is what results in the all-important safety measure that saves lives.

A venture capitalist funding of 30 million for a game of chess? But that’s what Infivention Technologies, the makers of Square Off, the chess game in the world of automated gaming has been offered.  You sit across an ordinary chess board, play your move and watch the pieces move almost like magic. Your opponent could be sitting half across the world but thanks to the Square Off app, you play each other. The technology is pretty fascinating and involves a robotic arm, electromagnets and Bluetooth.  

If you’re in India or anywhere else in the world, you too might be inspired to start a tech start-up. Understandably so. You will need a space with no distractions. Take a look at the things that take up your time.  Video games, comics, the ultra-comfortable bean bag. Rent self storage Los Angeles and put them all there for safe-keeping. Work, resting assured that when you make it big, you’ll be able to use every one of them once more.  

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