Tekmetric Is a Shop Management System That Will Make You Avoid the Use of Paper Work

Using papers to run your business can be an inconvenience because it makes you waste money, leads to wastage of time, space for storage and if the papers are lost they may not be replaceable. But by using automated business processes these you will not experience such problems in your business. If you have a store like auto shop repair, you should aim at reducing the number of papers used. It is possible to achieve this by using a shop management system called Tekmetric.

Electronic diagnosis

When clients bring their autos to your shop for repair, the technicians bust diagnose the problem first before they can start working on the issue. Traditionally, the results of the diagnosis were written on a piece of paper and given to the service advisor. But the management system called Tekmetric has revolutionized things and eliminated the long process. The software is one of the best in the market since it has changed a lot of things. The software automatically generates work orders that are available for technicians. The service advisor does not need to call the clients through the phone and communicate the diagnosis. All they need to do is to send the information through email. The process makes communication between customers, service advisors and technicians easy.

Inspections Are Automated

In the traditional vehicle inspection, technicians perform the exercise with a price of paper they have a checklist. After conducting the inspection, they forward the information to service advisor whose work is to sign the work. The information is then is stored in particular files. But this long process is eliminated when using the Shop management system. When performing the inspection, the checklist is contained on the system and not on pieces of paper. After the process of inspection is complete, the service provider signs and the information is stored electronically.

Work Orders Are Printed

In traditional vehicle inspection works orders are printed and given to technicians to do the work. The information required to do the job is on a piece of paper, and this is an inconvenience because the piece of paper can be lost. The Shop management system gives the service advisor a chance to put all the information in the system. Once a technician is assigned the work, he/she can view the work order in the system using a different computer or a mobile device.

Information Can Be Accessed From Anywhere

With the use of the advanced Shop management system called Tekmetric, you will enjoy the convenience of accessing all the information from either your computer or mobile device any place of your convenience. The advanced management system gives you the chance to control your auto shop from any location. In case you need to check an invoice and you want to correct something, you will not have to go to your shop physically. You can use your computer or mobile device to access this information with ease.

Technology has made things easy, and if you have an auto shop, it does not have to be overwhelming when it comes to the management. With the Tekmetric shop management system, you can now manage all the crucial auto shop functions using your mobile device only. You can make a wise decision today by investing in an auto shop management system and experience the many benefits. It will make your business more streamlined, and you will achieve success.

Tekmetric comes with many advantages, and as an auto shop owner, you should start working paperless by using this software. Try it today and make your business processes efficient.

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