The Next Great Technology Growth Stock

Ever wish you could have invested in Facebook, Amazon or Netflix right before they enjoyed a huge growth explosion?

If you invested just $500 in one of those companies back then, it would be worth a fortune today.

These companies changed our lives……and a new company called WhereverTV(OTC – TVTV) is about to do the same thing today.

Investment research firm Goldman Small Cap Research believes that WhereverTV is poised to change the way consumers across the globe access and watch live television and video programming. The Company is leveraging the fast-growing OTT (over the top) platform approach and a unique, proprietary Global Interactive Program Guide to emerge as a leader in the Internet TV market.

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With 6 subscription packages and over 140 channels in multiple languages from the U.S. and around the world, WhereverTV is a next generation subscription television service providing consumers with live and linear streaming, genre specific content delivered to anywhere in the world, and through any internet-enabled device. This lower cost alternative to traditional service providers delivers content through the Internet via WhereverTV’s innovative OTT platform, with channel management controlled by the Company’s patented Interactive Program Guide (IPG) technology.

Industry estimates suggest that the OTT market will grow from $28 billion in 2015 to $62 billion in 2020!What is driving this huge growth? Consumers are turning away from traditional cable and satellite providers in droves, and toward the access and viewing of video programming on multiple Internet-enabled devices. Enter WhereverTV.

Leveraging its patented and monetizable channel management technology, plus 140+ channels and 6 live-streaming genre specific niche and mainstream content packages, Wherever TV’s clever programming approach could lead to millions of paid subscribers.

Goldman Small Cap Research has a preliminary target price on TVTV that assumes a 200% rise from current levels, and that could prove to be conservative. By applying a major discount to OTT leader Netflix’s (NASDAQ – NFLX) valuation and utilizing a 1 million target subscriber target, the analyst derived a potential valuation for TVTV that could be substantially higher than the price target.

This evaluation excludes the prospective value of the Company’s IPG in the form of patent infringement settlements or regular payments by cable and satellite operators, which could be ultimately worth tens of millions.  Goldman also noted that WhereverTV could emerge as a takeover candidate, as an acquirer could own valuable IP and a loyal customer base with limited competition.

Note: To download the research report on WhereverTV, or any of our research, view our disclosures and disclaimers, or for more information, visit Goldman Small Cap Research was not compensated for the production of this report and compensated $5000 for its dissemination.

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