Top 6 PR Trends You Need to Keep an Eye on this Year, 2018

If you are still celebrating the holiday season, let me remind you that it is time to wake up and realize that 2018 is finally here. In fact, January has crossed its half laps, and only a few are yet to go. It is time we revise our strategies and look into our plans more deeply. We need to analyze where we stand and what has to be done to show an outstanding performance this year. There are various ideas, techniques, tricks, and tools which might come handy and give us our desired results.

Following are the top 6 PR trends from NewswireNEXT, which you must ponder over and bring it to your benefit. These might increase your chances to dominate this year.

Own more space than your competitor: Competition has been increasing rapidly from the past few years and now it is in the fastest mode. It requires no rocket science to understand that you must be more efficient in this field than your competitor. You must be aware of your audience’s demands and requirements. You must not let your competitor get away with your share of viewers. Plan it out wisely. For instance, check that when something is searched on a search engine, do your competitors show up. If yes, then they should not. Increase the exposure to your results.

Use different strategies to overcome different PR issues: The problem with PR is that it is not a single body. It exists in many forms. PR includes launch PR, crisis management, thought leadership, media relationships, events and many others. Since there are so many existing forms, therefore, different but efficient and smart strategies and tactics must be available in standby mode to deal any negative issues. You must stay in touch with specialists and experts who you think are the best in dealing such mishaps.

PR is a smart establishing tool: Content marketing has established itself to the point where it has realized the importance of PR. PR is an essential element which helps other businesses to stand on its own. Be it marketing, recruiting or investor communications, PR has proven it to be an important aspect that cannot be neglected.  Now, the PR professionals and experts must deal with stakeholders more effectively so that they can get the value of their work.

Monitor dark social communication:  It is pretty easy to identify and trace the social media influence as long as it is only concerned with SocialRank, Buffer, and Sumo. The hurdles begin when you try to put the finger on dark social influence where communication takes place through text, email, messaging, Slack, Skype, etc. You must somehow get a hold of these communications. That is where the majority of communication takes place. This is one very important reason that why owning a digital landscape has never been important.

Invest in leaders outside the executive suite: It is no organic chemistry, and everybody knows that people who invest in companies expect to build a high branded name and want to flourish their leadership. It is a golden step which some companies have considered. They think and realize that it is also significant to make valuable investments in leaders as well. When there are many leaders, the leadership can be focused in many directions and so a lot more can be covered. A single leader quits the leadership; it might give a major loss to the company. Therefore, it is better to distribute the content among leaders. Instead of one, let a team runs it.

Qualitative and quantitative measurements of communication may be critical: People think that since it is easy to keep an eye on views and leads generated, therefore, the obsession with quantitative content marketing has increased. But people don’t realize that still qualitative measurement cannot be traced. Therefore, you must plan some useful tactics which are reliable enough to trace the qualitative measurements.

PR is developing at a fast pace. You must pack all these trends and mark them “most important” because these top 6 trends will help you strengthen the strategies.

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