Types of Non Profit organizations

Nonprofit organizations in simple words are those organizations who continue to work and provide their services without earning or caring about any kind of profit. All these organizations have set a goal or are designed for some specific purpose to not to earn any kind of profit. Most of these organizations work for the welfare of human beings, animals, environment and our planet earth. They provide various types of services to the human beings, animals, and environment such as they provide food, clothes, shelter, educations and much more to the human beings. As far as animals are concerned, these organizations provide them with food, medical cure against various kinds of diseases and problems, or take care of the environment or those living beings who are seeking any kind of help. For an in-depth discuss on using direct mail for fundraising visit : vdm.bornsgroup.com/direct-mail-fundraising-solutions-for-non-profits

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Types of Nonprofit Organization

There are many types of nonprofit organization in this world such as:

  • Public Charities: Public Charities are the most common type of Nonprofit Organization that you can find all around the world. These Charities can vary from their size and goal. They provide help to the individuals, hospitals, colleges, community theatres, neighborhood organizations, as well as to many other public figures.
  • Foundations: These foundations also fall under nonprofit organization category. These foundations share their some portion of their income for the welfare of the society. There are certain strict rules and regulations acting upon these foundations which prohibit them to use that profit for their personal gain.
  • Social advocacy organizations: Many social advocacy organizations also fall under these nonprofit organizations. These organizations work for social or political causes that are happening in the society. They work towards the improvement of the society and make it a better place for all and every kind of people.


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