Use lens flare to add a dramatic effect to your pictures

Taking a perfect picture is a simple process of pointing the camera to the subject and clicking it. However, there are times when you do not get the desired outcome as the surrounding factors hurl hurdles in your path. Clicking pictures in bright daylight is one of the many factors which provides a challenge in taking a picture. When you wish to have an effect of the sun in your pictures, it is not necessary that you click the sun. It can be even be done by capturing the sunlight with different effects which are known as lense flare.

Ways to get lens flare in your photos

  • Place the subject of your photography in front of the light source. It diminishes the harshness of the light radiating from the light source on your subject. But you can still the stills of light rays in your pictures.
  • Try to capture the effects of sunlight through different angles to get different styles of pictures. See how the flare works when it is captured directly or when it is hidden behind the mountains and trees.
  • You can even create lens flare at night time by using street lamps as the source of light. The light rays emitting from the street lamp gives a perfect blend of lens flare to the darkness of the night.

When can you use lens flare in your photography?

  • Landscape photography: A landscape photography is incomplete without the effect of the sun. A lens flare helps you to add a different and artistic effect to your photos. It creates a perfect scene of the sun shining through the clouds.
  • Night photography: Lens flare effects can also be used in night photography. The thing that you need to create lens flare at night time is a source of light.
  • Sunrise and sunset photography: Lens flare is used to enhance the beauty of the light. Sunrise and sunset is the best opportunity to use lens flare to capture the fragments of light.

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