ValueMags on Barack Obama’s Love Story

For many, including the ValueMags team, Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago last night was an emotional rollercoaster. From patriotism and empowerment to sadness and frustration, nearly everyone in the arena where he delivered his speech and most Americans in front of their TV’s were on that roller coaster.

ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz believes that Americans were so emotional because of the relationship they had built with Obama. He was arguably one of the most involved Presidents in history. He took the time to get to know Americans and listen to their concerns rather than having someone do it for him, or worse, having no one do it at all. His wife Michelle Obama took on the role of the First Lady without anyone asking her, but she did it with grace and authority. She equally became an involved figure that gave a voice to younger generations.

Barack and Michelle not only gave hope to individuals for political, economical, and international issues, they gave them a couple to look up to. In so many circumstances, individuals have no concept or purpose when it comes to finding or have found love. Both power couple demonstrated in the 8 years that they were in the spotlight how communication and healthy relationship can get you through the hardest of times and make the easiest of times laughable and joyful. Degenholtz hopes that one day his kids can experience the same love demonstrated by Michelle and Barack.

On a lighter note, ValueMags and their fellow Americans can only hope that their love prosper even as President Barack Obama just becomes Barack Obama. For more interesting discussion topics, going the discussion on the ValueMags new blog today. God bless American and God bless Barack Obama and his family.

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