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Customer Relationship Management is one of the most popular concepts among business owners nowadays, given the fact that the society finds itself in the new digital economy universe. The innovation in the field of process automation has been tremendous during the past years, meaning that more functionalities are being developed to help people handle their tasks easily. Historically speaking, since the appearance of the very first customer, the issue was improving the relationship between him and the people providing the products or services needed. T

his relationship has been improved over time in diverse ways, but through traditional methods involving direct contact between sales representatives of a company and the customers themselves. Maintaining a close relationship with a client was a goal since the very beginning of commerce. With the advent of the Internet, things have changed radically and technology is the one governing each sector of people’s lives. What brought about the new digital revolution was the unprecedented expansion of a company’s customer base, and, implicitly the exponential growth of issues involved. You can learn more about the benefits of technology by accessing this website: https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products.

Overview and benefits

CRM became a priority for companies that need to handle large amounts of data. The goal of a CRM product, in terms of customer-oriented companies, is to increase the customer’s loyalty and dedication which would lead to an increased profitability in the long term. These goals are difficult to measure, but a CRM solution would make that possible and not that complicated. Moreover, a CRM should help companies use technology and human resources to gain new insights into the customer’s behavior and valuation. Implementing a CRM strategy means:

  • Offering the exact services and products that clients need
  • Providing a much more improved customer service
  • Cross-product sales
  • Making agreements a lot faster than before
  • Keeping old customers loyal and attracting new ones, etc.

These benefits can’t be achieved by simply purchasing the software and installing it. For a CRM solution to be truly effective, the company needs to clarify what each employee’s tasks are and determine what the needs of the clients are at the moment. The business owner has to make sure that each requirement of both the clients and the employees can be addressed by implementing a CRM solution. CRM systems make connections between all of the sectors of a company and the data collected is shared among all the employees that receive access to them, offering a full, non-stop visibility.

If you are wondering how long does the implementation of a software take, the answer is simple. Its implementation depends on several factors. If the business owner decides to implement a CRM solution hosted by a service provider and is intended to use it just for specific departments such as sales (separately) the implementation of a CRM solution or tools should be very rapid. Yet, if the business owner desire the implementation of an in-house solution or an entire company-wide package that includes all the possible features of a CRM, then the implementation and the staff training could take months. The time required to implement a well-designed CRM project depends on its complexity, its components, features and how well is it going to be administered. You should be aware what signs to follow before implementing a CRM solution.

The greatest benefits come from aligning all the business processes, IT strategies and CRM programs across all the existent departments of a company, not just a single one. However, business departments using the software can take over a project’s leadership. Financial services and the telecommunication industry are leaders in implementing CRM solutions. Among the usual companies that opt for CRM solution you can find high-tech companies, manufacturers, retailers etc. At the complete opposite end, you will find the heavy industry sector. In general, the more distant the relationship with the customer, the less important is the use of a CRM solution.


  • bpm’online

A vendor that is recommended for CRM solutions would be bpm’online. Their software offers full visibility and many features and tools that can be used depending on your own, varying needs. For instance, if you want to full control over your process and you desire to align marketing, sales and services on a single, unified platform and even access it from your own mobile phone, then bpm’online is the solution you are going to want to opt for.

The same goes with Sensus BPM Software, a company which offers modern, innovative CRM solutions that are extremely user-friendly. The software find here is good for modeling a process without effort, depending on your very own needs. You can also download a free trail to see how implementing it would work. It is great for handling large amount of information and organizing sectors in your company. Plus, you can choose between different platforms: Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS and select whatever you need for your business.


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