What You Should Know About Synthetic Grass Maintenance

You can save a lot of money by installing an artificial grass. Installing an artificial grass will eliminate the need to water, reseed or change a lawn. If you are residing in an area that receives minimum or even a limited amount of rainfall or in a place where there is water rationing, synthetic grass is an ecologically responsible way of appreciating your outdoor space while on the other hand reducing the use of natural resources like water.

Advantages of an artificial grass

The benefits of synthetic grass on a playing field are very clear to many sports fans. However, artificial turf has been also embraced by residents who are attracted to landscaping that is drought resistant and one that can offer both stunning curb and space for pets, guest and family. Synthetic grass looks just like natural grass that has been well maintained all year round.

Synthetic turf is maintenance friendly

Synthetic grass rarely needs maintenance. For instance, during the summer, natural grass needs a lot of watering and maintenance. With synthetic turf, you can spend your time on other activities rather than mowing and watering the turf. By getting a synthetic turf installed, you get to eradicate the need for herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides which are harmful. The maintenance is more of a cleaning than conserving.

Synthetic grass installation has been a swiftly growing business over the past few years. Landscapes, golf as well as other leisure applications have been the fastest growing sector of the synthetic grass market. To keep your lawn looking its best and to get the most gratification out of your venture, do a little bit of cleaning and maintenance.

Clean the turf regularly: Remains and dirt can mount up on a turf and make it look unattractive over time. You can use a lawn sweeper, a leaf blower or even a garden vacuum to clean the turf regularly to remove fallen leaves and dirt from the turf. One may spill drinks on the turf, drop chewing gums or if the turf is situated where there is a lot of trees, sap from the tree may drop on the turf and make the turf sticky. To remove these spills, you can use a mild soap, warm water mixed with vinegar. This also eliminates the bacteria on the turf.

Brush regularly: synthetic grass should stand upright just like natural grass. To achieve this, you should brush the turf regularly. A brush that has artificial spikes of at least 5 inches long will do the job just perfectly. Try to avoid using a brush with metal spikes since it will damage the turf.

Remove bad odor: if you have pets around, they can urinate or even defecate on the turf making it smell bad. Remove the bad odor by cleaning the affected area with an enzyme cleaner. Another option is to rinse out the area with a household deodorizer, for instance, vinegar. You can also use a pet odor neutralizer for the unwanted pet smell.

You can extend the life of your synthetic lawn and make it look good by maintaining it regularly. Synthetic grass is a concrete venture which can save you some money. With the above tips, your turf will look amazing for the many years to come.

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